September 19th, 2014

krazy koati

He went and bought this house when he made good

We've been planning to hold a yard sale for a couple years now. Basically we started with the plan to sell things we didn't need off shortly after I moved in with way too much stuff, some of it duplicates of what bunny_hugger had. And we hadn't got around to it because it requires setting time for it, and preparing ahead of it, and sorting out stuff to keep and stuff to sell and what to price it at and so on. But we got all that done, and had a long, weary day of yard sales, and now we're in that stage of putting away stuff we didn't sell but might someday again, and finding somehow rogue price stickers have attached themselves to everything, including floors, clothes we weren't wearing that day, and the top of the ceiling fan.

Meanwhile, over at my humor blog, this week's big piece is about my wallet and what's in it. Or isn't in it anymore. Meanwhile, run on the humor blog since last week's big piece about ``How The Pinball Machines Broke Down'' --- our league president said I forgot to mention how he was searching for a long rope and a chair by the end of the night --- have been:

Trivia: After members of the Parliament of Scotland gathered at Parliament House to sign the 1707 treaty uniting Scotland and England, the furious crowd outside prompted the members to flee. They attempted to meet at a nearby tavern, to be scared off by the crowd again, and then at a small summer house behind Moray House in the Canongate, again unsuccessfully. The MPs pretendd to give up and go home, and then, singly and by separate routes, assembled in a cellar on High Street opposite the Tron Church, to sign the documents and flee Edinburgh. Source: How The Scots Invented The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: The Future Is Japanese, Editors Nick Mamatas, Masumi Washington, Haikasoru. A lot of these are pretty good stories, but some of them just kind of read like Analog stories where the protagonist occasionally reminds himself he's Japanese and maybe whips out a haiku. Also, Japanese people end up extinct a lot it seems to me.

PS: Letting The Computer Do The Hard Work, as I ran across a document explaining how symbolic integration can be done. First of these since the last roundup.