October 3rd, 2014

krazy koati

The earth is shaking, and so am I

Our second pinball league started up last week. In this one you play several games against the same group of three others, and score points based on your ranking with just that pod. bunny_hugger had an excellent night, scoring as many points as our home league's champion (admittedly, he was playing tougher players).

I also had a good night, and had a moment of exquisite awkwardness. I was the last player on Lord of the Rings, and came from behind in a last-ball multiball that brought me victory on points. Since it's only the ranking relative the other players on that table in that game which matters for this league, then, I wanted to confirm I had won the table and then to graciously take a knee, letting the balls drain. The trouble is during its multiball the competing players' scores aren't shown much, or at all; we had to reason it out by the fact that I hit replay --- a nice, loud screech --- and nobody else had.

Well, with that, I tried to just let the balls all drain, but one of them had gotten stuck on the Ring spinner. I was slapping the midside of the machine, and one of the other players said that after the ball search it'd launch another ball, which it did, and the motion of that shook the ball loose, and the point was, my attempt to not pointlessly run up the score got lost in a confused muddle of activity.

On the other game for which I went last --- Flip Flop, which hasn't got a multiball --- I resolved, if I did win on the last ball, to more cleanly take the knee. This may sound snotty of me but keep in mind, my first ball I doubled the combined score of the other players. But I got whupped, pretty well, on the last ball by the third player so that didn't matter after all.

Over on my humor blog is a bit of discussion with our pet rabbit, who needed the reassurance. Since last week and that big piece, My Fortune To Be Made: Grad Student Fantasy Camp, which I think might just make it, have been:

Trivia: Howdy Doody did not appear on the inaugural broadcast of The Howdy Doody Show (initially dubbed Puppet Playhouse), on the 27th of December, 1947; the puppet was still, incomplete, in Frank Paris's workshop. Source: Please stand By: A Prehistory of Television, Michael Ritchie.

Currently Reading: The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm, Translator Jack Zipes. This is a lot of stuff to consider, really.