October 10th, 2014

krazy koati

Oh where oh where can my baby be

So rather like many pinball players I like to keep track of my good scores. I haven't done this in any fancy way, just, getting a little notepad that I write scores down on. I'd had a pretty good-sized notebook and had been writing scores in it for ages and was distressed when about a month ago I realized I couldn't find it. Typically I'd take it out of my pocket when I got home from pinball league or some other event and toss it on the table or dresser or such. Well, I found what happened and it's about the worst I could do: I had left it in the cargo pocket of the shorts I was wearing and it went through the wash. Fortunately, more or less, the shorts were thick enough and the pocket tight enough that most of the pages and much of the writing survived if blurred and maybe when I have the energy I'll try to copy at least the scores of games I can regularly play.

But I had to start a fresh pinball notebook anyway and got a smaller, cheaper one. I'd even had some scores to record in it, like a splendid Monster Bash played at this arcade in Grand Rapids, and I was more or less adjusted to that. And then I discovered in the wash a curious spiral coil, like a spring, but, from where? And yes, I managed to do it again and washed my new pinball notebook. This was a smaller book and I guess the pocket was looser; there wasn't anything left of the pages.

This is the sort of thing that drives one to buy an iPod so as to note down scores.

Meanwhile! Remember my humor blog? It carries on as normal. Run there since last week at this time have been:

Trivia: Sports footage made up 26.2 percent of (American) newsreel content in 1941. It made up 8.6 percent in 1943. Source: The American Newsreel, 1911 - 1967, Raymond Fielding.

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