November 27th, 2014

krazy koati

And soon I'll hear old winter's song

Somewhere along the way I caught a cold. It's been ages since I had one last so that's all right, I suppose, but I'm curious where exactly I did get it. The timing implies I might have picked it up Thursday, when I went to the Michigan State campus to exchange books at the library, but it's not like I rubbed up against undergraduates while I was there.

Where this got to be real fun was that we realized, late on Monday, that the final collection of yard materials for the year was going to be on Tuesday. I had, in a stretch of warm weather a couple weeks ago, raked up most of the leaves into several piles the size of Appalachian foothills, but we only had enough yard bags for about a third of the pile. We'd since bought new bags, but had left them out because it was so cold and so rainy and surely we had until the week after Thanksgiving, right? That's what I thought, anyway.

So this is why Monday evening under the new backyard light and in a light yet bitterly cold rain bunny_hugger and I were working swiftly to grab leaves from the monstrous pile in back and shove them into bags. We ended up with eight and a half bags of leaves taken out to the yard, which combined with, I believe it was, six bags a couple weeks ago indicates we've had a considerable growth in leaf productivity from last year.

While opening the garage door we did see a mouse, not one of the house mice that were getting into our house last year. He froze still to establish whether we were up to anything mischievous and then disappeared towards the wood pile. We haven't got a good sense of the yard mouse population, but, it's certainly there yet, and apparently diversifying in species.

Trivia: The Venetian Council's vote in 1798 to abolish the Republic (in advance of Napoleon's invading armies) was 512 in favor, 20 against, 5 abstentions, and was 63 members short of the constitutionally required quorum of 600. Source: A History Of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City, Joan DeJean. So, yeah, apparently a play written in 1662 about the wonder of public carriages pretty much anticipates ``The Pina Colada Song'' in its essentials.