November 28th, 2014

krazy koati

That one unbounded ocean of bliss

So how is the business of fish retrieval going? Well, it puttered to a stop for about a week there as the temperature dropped way below freezing and didn't emerge again. In the windows of slightly warmer temperatures, though, we set traps out, with an open dish of cat food as temptation, and started getting again one or two fish per trap per day.

The weird thing is we recovered a fish that might be the dark yearling, the one that survived inside the house last winter, except that this is a pretty small fish. But it's a bit larger than the dark baby fish, and I'm fairly sure the dark yearling was noticeably smaller than the other two yearlings, whom we've recovered. So it's really surprisingly ambiguous whether we have all the yearlings in and I'm a little annoyed we don't have definite word.

Meanwhile: my humor blog. What about it? If you haven't been reading it daily you've missed some items such as:

So, if you did something about all that missed stuff I'd appreciate it.

Trivia: The blizzard of 26 November 1898 forced the Baltimore Country Club to cancel a tornament which had invited golfers from 125 clubs across the nation. Source: 1898: The Birth Of The American Century, David Traxel.

Currently Reading: How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City, Joan DeJean.