November 30th, 2014

krazy koati

You've got to open up your heart, that's all I know

As for the pinball league? Well, maybe the start of pinball activity was seeing one of our friends, the guy who's on top of our league and one of the top players in the state. He didn't seem surprised to see us (I think there may have been some Facebook-assisting tipping of our plans going on here), but did say he wasn't sure about this thing where we go to every league in the state. Could be dangerous. (The reason this is a joke is that he is in every league in the state, and in a bunch of tournaments out of state, which we think is part of how he carries on as a professional pinball player, which he seems to do.)

During the actual play, since we hadn't been at any other meetings of this league, bunny_hugger and I were put in a group to play one another, as well as another guy who'd never been to Marvin's league before, and we played five games against one another. During this, bunny_hugger had her personal-best game of The Addams Family, and I'm embarrassed that I upstaged it by doing better yet. (She's had better an even better Addams Family game since then, and happily, it was during our regular league play.)

Afterwards one of our friends from the Lansing and Brighton leagues, who was also there because he's a serious pinball player and gets to all the leagues he can, was happy to hang out with us, and bought several rounds of games for us as a birthday gift to bunny_hugger, noting that ``I'm cheap'', including a couple rounds of FunHouse, bunny_hugger's favorite pinball. He had to leave before the museum quite closed --- he had an all-day pinball tournament to go to the next day --- but it turns out not that long before it closed: I had just assumed Marvin's was open until midnight and actually it was more like 11 pm.

One fair question is whether we'll go back to Marvin's for future league nights. It's farther away than the Brighton league, although not so far away as we had thought it was. But it's also a third league even if that is just one day a month. If we don't go again, that'll leave us with a lousy score in the Marvin's league, but it won't hurt our international rankings any; those reward people for playing competitively at all. And going again really only costs us time, gas, and maybe some snacks. This is how people end up in six leagues, you know.

Trivia: On the 7th of December, 1982, Atari set off a panic --- parent company Warner Communication's stock fell 16 3/4 points to 35 1/8 --- when it announced sales that quarter would increase by between ten and fifteen percent. Up to the announcement Atari executives had forecast a 50 percent increase. Source: The Ultimate History of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

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