December 3rd, 2014

krazy koati

Our courage will pull us through

Our main pinball league's had its final regular competition tonight. We didn't actually know the standings going into the contest until late last night, because the Grand Rapids folks --- who drive out an hour or so every other week to join us --- couldn't be at the regular meeting two weeks ago (the western half of the state was walloped with an estimated 26 feet of snow, while we got light flurries), and with permission of the league's president made up the games a week later. The delay was frustrating, especially since they failed to tell us when they were doing the makeup so bunny_hugger and I couldn't go over to hang out and have an extra league night, but it's probably strategically useful to have a precedent for what we do if people can't make a meeting through no fault of their own.

Anyway, bunny_hugger had a great night, two weeks ago, outranking even some of the top players in the league. And to my wonder I actually tied for first place for the night, which put me slightly ahead in the hotly contested race for third place (first and second were locked up, oh, the first week of play), and is starting to undermine my assessment of myself as a good but not great player. Of course, I don't have tonight's standings as of this writing, since that's hours in the future.

Meanwhile I've had enough mathematics entries that it's worth collecting them into a big roundup post. If you haven't been reading my mathematics blog please consider some of these:

Trivia: On 1 March 1784 Thomas Jefferson led his state's delegation in officially turning over Virginian claims to lands west of the Ohio over to the federal government. On 2 March 1784 Jefferson was named chair of the committee to select the best way to survey and sell off those lands. Source: Measuring America: How The United States Was Shaped By The Greatest Land Sale In History, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: Dimensional Analysis, H E Huntley.