December 5th, 2014

krazy koati

All that you slight and everyone you fight

By the way, we fell behind and missed nearly all the season of Doctor Who, so we're only catching up to it now, and we just got around to watching ``Kill The Moon'', and what the flipping heck was that? What was that even supposed to be?

I want to be clear: I'm willing to give them a pass on the big conservation-of-mass issue at work here because, heck, I could come up with a half-dozen Whonobabble reasons to justify it. I'll give them the premise. I'm willing to give people most any premise. It's what they do with the premise I'll gripe about because what the heck was that big sloppy mess of incidents going on about? The only way to have made a bigger pile of nonsense out of that would be to involve River Song and a freaking time-loop-paradox and mercifully they've dialed those plots down from 12 to 9 this season.

But, honestly, what the heck, Steven Moffat? What the heck?

By the way, please don't spoil me on the way the season ends up. I'm sure it's a mess but I'm hoping to learn the exact dimensions of the mess in my own time.

Meanwhile, away from this interlude of fanguish, my humor blog carries on, and has actually started drawing comments in some quantity lately. I'm a little scared of that, but I like to think it's a good thing. Running recently are:

Trivia: By August 1862 --- within five months of the enactment of the draft --- the Confederate government exempted salt workers from conscription. Source: Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky.

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