December 13th, 2014

krazy koati

Everybody do the zombie stomp

The hipster bar where our pinball league meets got a new machine in, just before Thanksgiving and thus just in time to be featured in our last regular contest. That's traditional, really; any new game (unless it's broken already) is played the first league meeting after it's added. The rest of the games are drawn by random pick, so that we don't play people's favorites (Medieval Madness) every single time quite so much. The bar is getting positively stuffed with pinball machines, too: this brings the count up to 13, and while it'd be greedy to ask for more, I can't help thinking, now that they've put machines on the second floor there's a lot of room for more games.

The new machine was The Walking Dead, based on the TV show that I guess people like although I never got into it myself. This is a brand-new machine, possibly the newest machine that's currently in production, so it's amazing to me that (a) our pinball operator got a brand-new machine, and (b) they chose to put it in the bar. They've got some fairly recent machines in their East Lansing and their Ann Arbor locations, but I wouldn't have expected a brand-new machine to go here instead of their own arcades. In the pinball league we like to figure we're doing much to support pinball at the bar, since we are this nice big obvious bunch of people putting money in every other week, and we come in for practice sessions regularly too, but it couldn't possibly be all us.

Meanwhile, though it's flattering they're putting in brand-new games, The Walking Dead is your kind of generic modern Stern-made game designed for collectors who have played everything ever and so want an insanely complicated table with a rule set the size of a phone book (remember phone books?). We'd got some of it worked out --- shoot the most distant target on the playfield, and every ramp three times --- but it's still a lot of noise and confusion. Plus it's a dollar a play, so, I figure to play more Medieval Madness instead.

Trivia: The 60-inch mirror for Mount Wilson Observatory was the first major telescope mirror ground with carborundum, which would save years of polishing compared to the emery powder it replaced. Source: The Perfect Machine: Building the Palomar Telescope, Ronald Florence.

Currently Reading: Squaring The Circle: The War Between Hobbes and Wallis, Douglas M Jesseph.