December 14th, 2014

krazy koati

I'd say that I had spring fever

We went Christmas-tree-harvesting last weekend, amid some debate about whether we were getting the tree later this year than we did last year. We probably got it the same weekend. We were aiming to meet bunny_hugger's parents at the tree farm at noon, but I missed the highway turn and so we were late. They had already gotten their tree, as they always do, because I think they show up when the tree farm opens, in October, to shop early.

We went out looking for two trees this year, as we finally chose to put a second tree upstairs with a selected subset of ornaments. We actually found the second tree first, since we wanted a smaller one and we saw it on the way to the trees we wanted for the main; the main tree was off in a section roughly twelve miles away from the parking lot, possibly legally within Wisconsin. We'd have found it sooner but there was an area penned off, with no tagged trees, and we just assumed the rest of the lot was like that. We were mistaken, and learned this at the cost of extra walking around and asking other people, at the risk of setting off our social anxieties.

Unfortunately the trees were off in a different direction from where they have a fire going, and hot chocolate and coffee, and reindeer to look at. We could in principle have gone back to them, but that would be a kind of wasteful trip in the cold, and while it wasn't a bitter cold for a nice change compared to the last two years, it would still be extra waiting around for not much real purpose. And we had to wait around anyway, since between the first tree and the second the tree-baling mechanism, that ties the branches down, had some kind of malfunction and we had to wait for them to get a new spring. And yes, I thought they said ``new string'' too, because running out of string seems natural enough but needing an emergency spring replacement? Who knew?

They finally found someone with the new spring, though, and everything fit in bunny_hugger's parents' car. We went to our home and got Chinese food, and while waiting for it to be delivered consoled ourselves for missing the reindeer by making hot chocolate with whipped cream left over from Thanksgiving.

Trivia: Britain's Royal State Coach, commissioned of William Chambers and Giovanni Battista Cipriani in 1760, cost £7,587 19s 9 1/2 d. Source: George III, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Squaring The Circle: The War Between Hobbes and Wallis, Douglas M Jesseph.