January 3rd, 2015

krazy koati

So climb up the chimney

We set out for Christmas Eve, to spend with bunny_hugger's parents and brother, very nearly on time, thanks to pretty good preparation ahead of time (even if it included being up to all hours wrapping stuff) and a pretty efficient bit of work picking up our pet rabbit to put into the carrier. Unfortunately we blew it by something we both forgot to put in the car, namely, the Tofurkey loaves we were bringing for what we thought would be Christmas dinner. (Her family figured it would be Christmas Eve dinner, meaning we should have started defrosting it earlier, but we had not understood that clearly either.) We also had forgot a scarf that her brother had left in the hipster bar where we play pinball, so, we'd have had to run back for something anyway, which doesn't help. So that got us to a belated start, annoyed with ourselves.

But we got there, in time for among other things a package from Amazon to arrive for my brother-in-law. (This would be some presents for me, that he wouldn't have time to wrap, so I'd unwrap the Amazon boxes instead the next day.) And we witnessed some confusion about playing Nintendo Gamecube games on the Wii, which is a thing that you can do. Her brother had bought a controller which was supposed to make the playing of these games easy, but the controller was designed for the Wii U, which his parents don't have. Her brother says he made it very clear to the GameStop employees that they had a Wii, not a Wii U, and they shouldn't have sold something that wasn't compatible. He resolved to return it to the store the day after Christmas, before his plane flight back home, although what actually happened was he asked bunny_hugger to bring it back to a store instead, which we kind of knew was going to happen all along. He wouldn't have time come the day after Christmas to safely deal with this issue. The store would be unable to deal with it without his credit card, which bunny_hugger said was going to happen, too.

There's always strange little things that go on when families get together, I suppose, and one strange little thing came about from offering us something to drink. I'm a tea-drinker, and her parents know that, and they offered tea or at least the hot water for it at roughly 85-minute intervals the whole time we were there. The only really baffling moment of this was when they offered a couple different flavors and I said I'd take the cinnamon apple, which was down to its last pack, and they said no, that I shouldn't finish it off. I'm fairly confident that if I'd stood on the point I could have had the cinnamon apple instead of the peppermint or whichever flavor I did get instead, but I was more enchanted by the virtual whisking of the cinnamon apple out of my hands than anything else.

Trivia: Alongside August Vollmer's 1924 summary report on methods to improve and professionalize and de-politicize the Los Angeles police department was a report from his police captains on what was necessary to enforce the law in the city: the end of trial by jury of one's peers; an end to marriage for the ``diseased or mentally deficient'' (along with compulsory sterilization); an end to the presumption of innocence; and an end to whole peoples (notably, the Chinese). Source: The Lie Detectors: The History of an American Obsession, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: Rousseau's Dog: Two Great Thinkers At War In The Age Of Enlightenment, David Edmonds, John Eidinow.

PS: 20,000: My Math Blog's Statistics, or how December 2014 treated it. Third of these since the last roundup.