January 11th, 2015

krazy koati

And Mister Lang is very old

If we had known about it ahead of time, and not been fending off a cold, we'd almost surely have gone to Brighton for New Year's Eve. The Arcade there was holding a kind of Free Play Day, shorter than the normal day but with pizza served, that would've been a fine way to close out the year. Since we weren't going to be out East for the change from 2014-15, we were at a loss for something special to do for New Year's Eve, but we only heard about the pinball stuff at something like 7 pm, when we ... might ... have been able to rush over, but that would've been a little ridiculous.

Given the cold, though, going out for too long would've been challenging. We thought about heading over to the Avenue, where our main pinball league meets, for a little bit of play over the night, but even that was a bit too energy-demanding. Instead I popped over to Meijer's as we needed some stuff anyway, and picked up frozen pastry puffs and pizza rolls and that kind of thing, and we set them in the oven just in time to have them all come out as That Guy Who Isn't Dick Clark managed to fumble the countdown for the year.

With my bride in her Stitch outfit and I in my red panda kigurumi we sprawled out the board game Iron Dragon on the dining room table. It was the first time she'd played it in years, and the first I'd ever played the fantasy-trimmed railroad-building game, and we took roughly forever to figure out how to set things up and get the first two turns going. After that we think we understood how to play, though. We finished surprisingly close, considering that bunny_hugger accidentally failed to build her initial rail lines where she could deliver cargo and earn needed startup capital; I've played games like Sid Meier's Railroads recently enough to know you gotta be delivering something in the early game. And that's how we greeted 2015.

Trivia: In studying box scores to prepare the first edition of The Baseball Encyclopedia one case was discovered in which a rabbit ran around the bases, and was credited with a run. Source: The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination With Statistics, Alan Schwarz.

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