January 13th, 2015

krazy koati

From Pennsylvania folks are travelling down to Dixie's sunny shore

We'd always gone out east for New Year's, to see Seaside Heights around the start of the year, to pop into Manhattan, to see my parents, that sort of thing. But now that my parents are in South Carolina we can't do all that in a single trip, and we decided to visit my parents in their new home and accept that we just weren't going to see, for example, the Floyd Moreland Carousel if it's still open and running at Casino Pier rather than in transit to its new and we hope lasting home.

We set out for the airport with a healthy time margin, that grew less healthy because we'd forgotten some things and had to turn back. Some of that stuff was letterboxing equipment because I realized very late that there might be lighthouses and letterboxes worth seeing in the Charleston area. My parents would seize on the ideas of lighthouses and letterboxes as about a thousand times more important than either of us thought they were, so, it's a very good thing that we had the letterboxing equipment and the lighthouse passport.

Still, we got to the airport with just about enough time to check our bag and get through security if nothing went awry, and when I got to the baggage check I announced our destination as Charlotte. I corrected myself to Charleston, and then he repeated something about sending the bag to Charlotte. So we were off to a great start already. But what he meant was that he was rerouting us: our flight was supposed to take us to Philadelphia Horrible Airport and then from there to Charleston. But Philadelphia Horrible was suffering from many flight delays and cancellations due to the weather (nb) and so he could re-route us through Charlotte in an itinerary that would land us in Charleston about ten minutes later than the original plan. This sounded pretty good to us.

Then to security where there wasn't much of a line at all. There was soon less: they pointed us to what we worked out was the TSA Pre-Screened Line, where you don't have to take anything out of your bags and you don't have to take your shoes off or anything. In fact, the security guard there got a little snippish at us, saying, ``you don't have to take your shoes off. Listen to what I tell you. Why are you taking your shoes off?'' bunny_hugger protested that she was taking her shoes off because she's done this a million times before and had to take her shoes off every single time and as David Hume tells us, we construct our understanding of the universe through a process of induction, so you know that things are getting tense when airport security is making bunny_hugger quote Hume. Not Flightmare tense, but, still. In point of fact we got through security in the shortest time and with the least inconvenience since back in the days when you didn't need a boarding pass to go up to the gate and watch your aunt head off to points unknown. Things were looking pretty good suddenly.

Trivia: According to one survey, 80 percent of Americans had never eaten a bagel by 1984. Source: The Bagel: The Surprising History Of A Modest Bread, Maria Balinska.

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