February 22nd, 2015

krazy koati

Brown paper packages tied up with string

OK, so the wrapping paper saga, one of the surely existing yet dumbest problems I've had in a long while that didn't involve people saying stupid things on TrekBBS. We had a somewhat beaten-up cardboard box used to store the rolls of partly used wrapping paper, and wanted some tidier arrangement than a beaten-up cardboard box with sticks of wrapping paper sticking out at odd angles. The solution is just to buy a plastic bin for wrapping paper, right?

That might do for your ordinary civilian-model grades of wrapping paper but the problem was we had Christmas paper which it turns out is quite longer than normal rolls, because apparently the only reason to wrap something large is that it's Christmas. We got a bin at Meijer's, if I remember the order right, and found that it was like a foot too short, so, back that went. I went to Michael's, picking out the under-the-bed rollaway bin that was about a foot longer than a roll of wrapping paper I grabbed from that section to use as a measuring stick. Back home we learned the bin was a couple inches too short and it wouldn't fit under our bed anyway.

So back that went, and I took a roll of Christmas paper with me so I could try it out before bringing the bin home and driving back again. Somehow I lost the nerve before bringing it in to the Great Lakes Ace Hardware, but since I knew it was 42 inches long I bought a bin that was 42 inches, took the bin out to my car and discovered that maybe the bin is 42 inches from outer wall to outer wall but it's enough less than that on the interior not to fit. Back went the bin, although at least this time I didn't have to drive home and back for it.

Finally bunny_hugger found online a (canvas) bin that claimed to hold paper at least as big as our biggest known Christmas wrapping paper, and she ordered it for in-store pickup from a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We got it home. We left it there for literally weeks rather than find out we had been betrayed by yet another home-organization purchase.

But it was big enough, and we have the wrapping paper put away safely and don't have to think about it for months now.

Trivia: The zoo at Hershey Park began as a private zoo in 1910 when Harry Lebkicher acquired three native deer. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: The Man They Wouldn't Let Die, Alexander Dorozynski. Hey, talk of that ground-up flatworm memory thing, and not in science fiction! (The book was written when that stuff was, if marginal science, at least not thoroughly debunked.)