April 11th, 2015

krazy koati

But you'll never shake me

bunny_hugger was, as traditional, running two panels at the convention, although she was giving the letterboxing panel a rest in favor of something novel, one about carousels. She'd figured she might have enough photographs and references to farm animals to fit the con's theme of ``Down on the Farm'', and asked for a room with a projector so she could show photographs from her computer. They forgot to assign her a room with a projector, which is all right, as she forgot she didn't have the cable to connect her computer to a projector. We fell back on the old-fashioned way of showing things, by having me walk around the room while holding her laptop up.

bunny_hugger worried nobody would attend, or that a cloud of pedants and experts would attend, either one sufficient to kill the event. We actually got about ten people in, although not all stayed the whole hour, and one of the more enthusiastic watchers was Andy Fox, a friend of rapidtrabbit. And the group was generally happy with all this, including a couple of gasps of awe at pictures bunny_hugger had taken of interesting carousel animals. So the first run of this topic at least has been a success.

I realize this makes it sound like we spent the con recuperating from eing at the con, but we did take some time to go back to our hotel room and rest. Also to catch up on the Internet, since the hotel Wifi had been agonizingly slow even compared to our lousy home service. That got to be tolerably fast when I rebooted my computer, but don't ask me why that should have worked.

After all that, though, we spent some time just going to the big public spaces to watch people: con suite, for example, where Shouta was catching up on sleep on his throne of Faygo 12-pack boxes, or the hotel's main lobby where people in suit were milling around. One that seemed to be some kind of griffin holding out sheets of bubble wrap, I think for people to just burst a couple bubbles and feel better about things in general. And there's where we spotted one quad suiter, someone dressed as some kind of canid that we had the sense was based on some anime we didn't watch. I like quad suits --- really, who doesn't? --- and a quad suit for Austin Dern, Coati, would be great, except I suspect I haven't got the knees or the back strength for it.

We also wandered across the stand-up comedy open-mike event which wasn't being held in the ballroom or any other private space for some reason. It was just in one of the hallways, about where the charity tables had been. It must've been some irresolvable scheduling conflict. I am generally fond of this sort of thing, even though it's almost never good, exactly: people doing open-mike stand-up at this sort of thing tend to be all right at finding some incident in their lives that was funny to experience, but not so well at focusing it into a story, complete with climax and resolution. Somehow that's interesting, for me at least, but this wasn't quite a good venue for it. We went back to a part of the hotel where we could sit down, and get something warm to drink.

Trivia: The ejection of handsome pitcher-infielder George ``Win'' Mercer from a Ladies' Day game in 1897 provoked a riot by disappointed women. Source: Crazy '08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created The Greatest Year In Baseball History, Cait Murphy.

Currently Reading: Little Zoo By The Red Cedar: The Story Of Potter Park Zoo, Kevin Hile. There's all these charming lighthearted down-home bits about carrying on a small zoo with an inadequate budget, and then it drops into a paragraph of ``well, then in the urban crime wave someone broke in and assaulted these animals''. Also there's bits of ``well, the zoo was run by the normal standards of zoo care back then, which it turns out were horrible''.