May 6th, 2015

krazy koati

Or play the game existence to the end

So with the end of that pinball experience, and before talking about the next pinball experience, I want to talk about the pinball experience that's ... in the future as I write this but has probably wrapped up by the time this appears to the world.

In our home league, the Lansing one that meets about two blocks from our house, I've had a worse season than I did last year, when I finished third. I haven't been doing really badly, mind you, but I have been slumping and have had some outright lousy weeks. That's disheartening even if I was playing, I think, above my skill level in the Brighton and Marvin's leagues. Two weeks ago was the final meeting of the season and I had a really good night, with one outstanding game, two pretty good games and if I bombed on The Addams Family that's all right, because that game treats people rough. The game is loved, but it's a difficult love.

So going into finals which would have started about five hours ago by the clock, I was tied for fifth place, and was set for a one-ball playoff. and this would determine who went to the fifth and who to the sixth seed in ``A'' division for the Lansing league's first actual playoffs. In the past the championship was given to whoever scored the most points in regular league play; this time, the regular season gives us standings and we play a series of best-of-three, double-elimination contests, just like the other pinball leagues do.

bunny_hugger by the way is seeded ninth, so if everyone above her showed up she began at the top of ``B'' division and defending her position, much like she did at Marvin's, and I don't know how that's turned out. If anyone above her was absent, though, she'd be bumped into the bottom of ``A'' division and face an almost insurmountable challenge to win a trophy, but would also be securely in the top eight for the league.

I'm assuming that after the finals we'll be off to eat at the diner and maybe go back for more pinball so ... I don't know. Watch my Twitter feed for the short summary, I guess, and this spot for a fuller report later on. We'll see what happens.

Trivia: Counting prime, backup, and support crew positions there were 63 spots available for astronauts during the seven Apollo lunar landing missions. They were filled by 39 different astronauts. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Apollo Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton.

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