July 6th, 2015

krazy koati

So do up your overcoat tight

So, for pictures, how about some from our recent trip?


bunny_hugger at the fish on this adorable little Jules Verne-themed carousel we found in Rennes. The submarine, in the background, would have been my favorite seat when I was a kid. This is a small carousel, maybe eight feet in diameter.


WHY does THIS MYSTERIOUS FIGURE outside Rennes's Cinq Design Art Shop KILL The Doctor?! Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story!


From the Rennes subway system we have bunny_hugger's album cover.

And it's been another busy week on my Mathematics blog, so let me give you links to its posts.

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Trivia: Shaikh Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti, of the al-Azhar university in Cairo, responded to Napoleon Bonaporte's proclamation of his intention to liberate Egypt from the Mamelukes by correcting its many errors in spelling, syntax, and interpretation. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2015. Editor Charles Coleman Finlay.