July 24th, 2015

krazy koati

This is the Renaissance, it came upon us all at once

Ahead of humor blog links, here's a few more pictures from Parc Festyland. Also, I'm not deliberately late; Livejournal went all Livejournal and refused to accept that I was logged in, or that my password was valid.


In the game room at Parc Festyland: Festy the Viking dragon dinosaur (?) plays video games instead of riding the roller coaster just outside. Quiet sarcasm directed at people who're in the game room at Parc Festyland instead of riding the roller coasters just ouside?


The Steeplechase-style ride at Parc Festyland. The horses are powered, rather than gravity-driven. The path winds through forest and there are statues along the way. Note the knight lurking just behind a bush, for example.


A pirate-themed water slide that people at Parc Festyland were going down even though it was (a) cold and (b) rainy.


I choose to believe that ``Local Technique'' is the name of Parc Festyland's official 80s hair metal band.

And now you know what comes next. Appearing on my humor blog the past week have been:

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Trivia: The network television news pool for the coverage of Apollo 11 cost $750,000 and used 150 people at Cape Kennedy alone. Source: This New Ocean: The Story of the First Space Age, William E Burrows.

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