August 24th, 2015

krazy koati

To see if you've been spreading gloom or bringing lots of cheer


Michigan's Adventure is built around an (artificial) lake. The lake's got swan boats, naturally. It also has swans, one of whom was hanging around for the food people were tossing in. And fish, too, who were hanging around for the same reason. And on top of that was a swift, darting back and forth, apparently coincidental to all the swan/fish food. Here I manage to get a shot of it. It's in the spotlight.


Pumpkins, seen from the miniature railroad. Why is an amusement park that closes for the season at Labor Day growing pumpkins? For sister parks that have Halloween events? But how could growing a couple pumpkins in Muskegon and shipping them to Sandusky, Ohio, or to Cincinnati possibly be easier than buying a couple at Meijer's?


We wandered into an area of the park we don't often visit, behind the Thunderhawk roller coaster and towards some access roads. Among the discoveries was this named bench which we don't remember having seen before.


The park is basically built as a C shape around the artificial lake. Everyone who visits the park wonders when the gap between one end and the other will be filled in. But then this is a view from one of the railroad stations, looking across the undeveloped marshes at the Shivering Timbers roller coaster. Put this way, it's hard to want the gap filled in.

And now my mathematics blog roundup for the past week! If you've added it to your friends page you've seen this, if you read your friends page, if you can find your friends page anymore. Or maybe you put it on your RSS feed if you have an RSS reader anymore. If not, then, the past week has included:

Trivia: Philip K Sweet, a circa-1900 private detective at 1133 Broadway, New York City, made a specialty of tracking down writing-machine thieves. Source: Source: The Wonderful Writing Machine, Bruce Bliven Jr. And why isn't ``Philip K Sweet, typewriter detective'' a pulp series?

Currently Reading: Discord: The Story Of Noise, Mike Goldsmith.