October 2nd, 2015

krazy koati

Owo, who's that I see walkin' in these woods

It's Thursday or Friday, depending. Time for pictures, this the first batch from Story Land. P1320925

Storage! Always precious, at amusement parks. Story Land, delightfully, just offers shelving space so people can bring in what they need and store it free of charge. It's so very nice it almost makes me not notice the fairy tale reference has unwanted implications.


Tim, the animatronic tree who explains to kids what to do if they get lost. He also invites folks to write their names on little paper leaves and hang them on his branches. I'd put mine up by the raccoon (top, right wall, center) while bunny_hugger put hers by the pen-wielding squirrel (bottom, right wall).


Well, this won't turn out badly for any of the animatronics involved.


A comic foreground around the Alice in Wonderland area and the mad-teacups ride, naturally enough.


This chicken has some projects of her own that don't necessarily involve the fairy tale you're thinking of, thank you.

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