November 5th, 2015

krazy koati

Oh, how long till your surrender to me?

As prelude, happy birthday to my darling bunny_hugger! Just think; two years ago this minute we were returning from that Sparks concert. And it's been all so very good since, too.

Our own tree work didn't end with the one tree that had to be cut down. There are several other maple trees, which the tree guys figured were probably weed trees that grew too large to rip out, and we had them examined too. They're double-trunked trees. The tree guys figured the two trunks needed to be cabled together, to make them stronger. Unfortunately they forgot the cables the day they cut down the diseased tree, and had to come back the next week. The cables don't look like much; bunny_hugger had to have them specifically pointed out. A couple feet above where the trunks separate there's metal hooks drilled into the trees, and cables holding the hooks together.

We've wondered what our squirrels make of this. Surely they're upset that traffic was disrupted by the tree that's cut down. But now they have these neat little cables, express service from one trunk to the next.

Anyway, we figured that was all the tree work to be done this year until we got woken at nine in the morning by crews working in the abandoned-house lot. The trees in that were getting cut down, too. A lot of the trees, too. They were at this for a solid week, I'd estimate. It's hard to figure how the lot is more attractive with nearly all its trees cleared out. But there are a few surviving trees. Could it be nearly that whole yard was diseased trees?

That was plenty of racket. And then another house across the street, to the south instead of north, had one of its trees cut. We worried it was the one on the lawn extension, lining the street, at first --- the city can't afford to replace them, and absentee landlords won't bother paying to have new trees planted --- although it was, in fact, one on the main lawn. It's sad to lose that but given its position we have to figure the tree was in distress. It was also in some kind of distress that required not less than three days of stump-grinding, which of course is done as early in the morning as possible.

So we're not sure how our bit of tree-clearing set off this cascade of tree demolition in our neighborhood. We hope that it's settled down. I suppose the neighborhood is, on average, improved, but it's been a hard season for the arboreal animals.

Trivia: Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours was ordered to death during the Reign Of Terror. A delay in the arrival of the death order spared him. Source: Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics: The History Of The Explosive That Changed The World, Jack Kelly.

Currently Reading: The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed, John McPhee.

PS: Reading the Comics, November 1, 2015: Uncertainty and TV Schedules Edition, in which I figure out whether a comic strip from 1995 may have read the TV listings wrong. Also I get into noncommutative operators.