December 3rd, 2015

krazy koati

With so many light-years to go

We got up after a better night's sleep. Doing stuff all day gives a nice natural rest, of course, and I'd jiggered with the heating vent in some way so that it was quieter and bunny_hugger could better rest. And the checkout time was later so we could sleep more.

We could eat on the road or could eat in town. We picked in town, and went to a an appealing-looking family-style restaurant we'd passed on the road a couple times. Here we made the classic mistake of trying to eat in-town in a family-style restaurant Sunday at about noon. Oh yeah. We've done better. The restaurant was a pretty good place, nice and warm and satisfying enough, although the waitress did refill my Diet Coke with iced tea at one point. Small glitch but I remember it because we'd also had a glitch where my request to have neither the sausage nor the bacon with breakfast resulted in my getting both. While I'm trying to eat vegetarian, at that point, there's no good can come to the animals for not eating anyway.

So we left Meadville and Conneaut Lake, although I did think about turning down the road to the amusement park for one drop in. I imagine bunny_hugger did too. But I didn't decide to go for it, and if she did, she didn't say. We let the previous day and its awesome crowd be our last view of it for this year.

We drove for Cedar Point as our halfway destination, and along the way went along the same non-Ohio-Turnpike roads that had been so alien and so alarming Friday night. The very sharp L-turn in Cleveland was just as sharp, and the Duck Tape World Headquarters was no less something I wanted my father to see.

We got to Cedar Point in the afternoon, just in time to see the Halloweekends Parade. We had plans to be at Halloweekends proper, for a dedicated visit, the next weekend but figured it'd be worth seeing this parade and how it compared to the next weekend's. It happens we missed it the next weekend --- we were on the wrong side of the park --- but the intent was there and we got to see the parade at all.

We got in some pinball, of course, and took rides on the Cedar Downs racing derby carousel. We certainly rode their Blue Streak roller coaster, and rode on the Tiki Twirl. Until last year this ride was known as the Calypso, and it was located new Blue Streak. But as part of the renovations for ValRavn, the Calypso ride was moved over to the vicinity of the GateKeeper roller coaster. The bumper cars ride was similarly moved to this new spot. Why rename Calypso to Tiki Twirl is a good question. The difference between a generic Calypso and a generic Tiki Twirl is just in minor decorative elements, and while they improved the Calypso decorative elements they didn't make that big a change in them.

Also the park used to have a Tiki Twirl. For Halloweekends they even had a gravestone for the Tiki Twirl ride; we realized after we left the park we should check whether the gravestone for the old Tiki Twirl was still there, or if they'd done something really impressive like give it a birth, death, and resurrection date. It appears they just didn't put out the Tiki Twirl ride gravestone, maybe so that kids won't ask their parents difficult-to-answer questions. The questions would only be difficult because what sane person keeps track of the names of minor flat rides at Cedar Point?

We would spend only about two hours in the park, not much at all considering. I'd drive us back home, and the next day we'd pick up our pet rabbit from bunny_hugger's parents.

Trivia: The Calvin Coolidge administration brought more antitrust suits than any of its predecessors, although a third of then were ended by consent decrees. The three biggest cases --- against Standard Oil of Indiana, against cement manufacturers, and against maple flooring firms --- were all lost by the government on appeal. Source: Anxious Decades: America in Prosperity and Depression, 1920-1941, Michael E Parrish.

Currently Reading: Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, Sean Howe. I don't know, I've heard big parts of this before.

PS: How November 2015 Treated My Mathematics Blog, which is, ``good, thanks to how very well it treated my humor blog''.