December 15th, 2015

krazy koati

As we sing the Pumpkin chorus

That Sunday morning we got up, late --- we would miss early entrance to Cedar Point --- and moved stuff out to the car. I figured to postpone taking a painkiller while I could. My lower back tugged a little at me, but never got bad. I didn't even have to decide to understate it.

On the way into the park, from the hotel, the Magnum XL-200 roller coaster is nice and visible. We saw a stopped train full of people in work clothes and, a few minutes later, them all walking down. We have no explanation for this phenomenon. That we were there in the late morning meant we could get fine photographs of the pumpkin decorations, though, and get a good view of just how they gourded up the place for Halloween.

We took a ride on the Super Himalaya. It's a flat ride, common to every park and fairground; you sit in a car and ride a circular track that goes up and down a curved path. There's an onion-shaped lighted center piece. The Musik Express or Himalaya rides (they differ slightly in theming) don't tend to be much fun at Cedar Fair-owned parks, and we've skipped it in recent visits. Cedar Fair tends to run fairly short ride cycles on this, and they never run the cars backward. (Cedar Fair has some phobia about rides that go backwards.) But we had the nagging sense that ... well, maybe the ride isn't doomed. It's always running, as far as we can tell, and it's a good capacity-eater. It's something anyone is willing to ride.

But the ride has been there, without major repainting or refurbishment, for years, and it looks a bit dowdy. Cedar Point didn't offer many candidates for the ``guess what's going away'' game this season. The Musik Express was one of the few plausible choices. It would make sense if the ride were extensively refurbished, and even relocated. It would fit logically with the relocated bumper cars and the Calypso-turned-Tiki Twirl, over on the Oceana Midway. There's no reason to particularly expect they're going to relocate the ride. It just would make sense if they did. We had a similar feeling about the Matterhorn ride, the ride's near twin, a little bit farther down the path.

While walking about bunny_hugger noticed there's a small creek that runs outside the fence by the end of the Corkscrew roller coaster, and underneath the pavement to flow into the lagoon beneath the Iron Dragon roller coaster. It would have to have been there forever. It just hadn't attracted attention before. Probably she noticed because we were in the last-park-visit mode of looking for stuff that might not be there next season.

Later in the day we realized what was the strong candidate for ``won't be there next season''. Cedar Point has its main front entrance, of course. And it's got a small entrance near the Hotel Breakers and the water park. But it also has two other minor entrances. One is the Oceana Entrance, off near the Windseeker elevated swing and the Wicked Twister roller coaster. That's probably safe because I'm sure even Cedar Point has forgotten they have it. bunny_hugger didn't remember noticing it. While the Oceana Midway area could use some attention, Cedar Point doesn't seem interested in doing anything there, so it's probably safe.

But opposite the point from the Oceana Entrance is the Marina Entrance. This is a minor entrance, useful for people who're leaving the park to go to the barbecue place or to the upscale Bay Harbor Inn restaurant that way. Or who've come by boats left in the Marina. What makes the Marina Entrance a good candidate is: the new ValRavn roller coaster is being built all around it. The new roller coaster's construction required the demolition of the Good Times Theatre and the Turnpike Cars car ride. The Marina Entrance doesn't match the modern and very attractive stylings of the front gate (renovated a couple years ago). It's a fine candidate.

There wasn't evidence of the Marina Entrance being in particular peril. There was a wooden fence put up alongside the path, blocking off most views of the construction. The fence was covered with a timeline of Cedar Point's roller coasters, including the claim that the Pipe Scream ride is a roller coaster. We photographed the old entrance a lot, and got our hands stamped to step outside the gate and photograph the area there. I did notice someone else taking a picture of the Marina Entrance. I imagine we weren't the only people who came to the same conclusion about what might not be there next year. And after a couple minutes outside we went back into the park. I love the silliness that we never even left sight of the person who stamped our hands.

They used a regular old green-ink stamp with a picture of Linus on it. Previously they've used ultraviolet inks. Maybe they running low of fancy inks that late in the season.

Trivia: Ahead of Elizabeth II's coronation, Scottish nationalist John MacCormack brought a lawsuit charging that, as Scotland had never had a Queen Elizabeth, then by the strict terms of the 1707 Act of Union she should be Queen Elizabeth I of Britain. The case was thrown out. Source: How The Scots Invented The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

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