December 19th, 2015

krazy koati

I can be a little cold, but you can be so cruel

We'd gotten towards the back of Cedar Point, near the hotel entrance, for the closing hour. This was on purpose. We'd also parked the car near the hotel entrance. We were looking to save time in getting from the park toward the Bay Harbor Inn restaurant. We like to visit it during Halloweekends, and we took it Sunday night to take the edge off the disappointment of driving home. We'd wanted to be close to the car so we could get to the restaurant more than an hour before closing, to avoid the uncomfortable sense of being the only people in the restaurant. We weren't the only ones there, but it was close. We got to enjoy window seats, and so enjoyed pleasant views of the park and of bunny_hugger. It was lovely.

And then there was the long drive back. We listened to podcasts. bunny_hugger's a fan of the FlopHouse, a bad-movies podcast. I'm a fan by proxy; I haven't started listening to it of my own accord, mostly. As we stopped in Maumee, Ohio, for gasoline and (for me) a soda, they got to the letters. One of The FlopHouse's recurring themes is Phantasm, a movie the hosts are fascinated with. They read a letter from a fan who'd, at age five, had her father give a Phantasm-themed birthday cake to her. Dear reader, that letter-writer was bunny_hugger.

Among bunny_hugger's father's many odd passions is Phantasm, which he discovered in summer 1979, minutes after its opening. He had bunny_hugger's birthday cake that year inscribed ``You Play A Good Game, Girl''. The FlopHouse hosts speculated, correctly, that this left a lot of confused five-year-olds at her birthday party. She included pictures of the cake and the decorations that year --- all Snoopy-themed except for the cake --- and she mentioned some of her father's other Phantasm-themed activities. She had sent them the letter a few months earlier and had almost given up hope of their reading it. And here, just as she was dozing off, we discovered they'd made it their high point of the week's letters.

This lifted our moods to new heights, and made the last two hours of the drive back home a delight. That would be when we hit the deer.

Before you panic, I should make clear: someone else hit the deer first. It was flopped over dead in the middle of the lane. But I didn't see it in enough time to be able to move safely over, and there was enough traffic I couldn't slow down to avoid it. The car made this awful, sick-sounding thump and I could hear something scraping the road from behind. But the car still seemed to be going all right, and it was only an hour or so until we could get home again. I heard an awful scraping dragging as we pulled up the driveway. I thought of what horrid damage might have been done my car, and my savings, by not slamming the brakes and moving better then.

Trivia: Humans consume about 350 to 500 milligrams of magnesium per day. The need is something around 200 mg. Source: Molecules at an Exhibition: The Science of Everyday Life, John Emsley.

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