December 31st, 2015

krazy koati

Walking in a winter wonderland

For Wednesday of Christmas week bunny_hugger and I went to her parents' place, this time to make Christmas cookies. We just hadn't had the time earlier, and it'd be a shame to do without that altogether. This sprawled out through the night since we decided we didn't quite have enough cookies to leave us spherical balls of semi-mobile flesh and we made a second batch. But it's reliable fun doing this and I got altogether more praise than I thought reasonable for stuff like decorating a candle-shaped cookie with a different color for the base, candle, and flame. Well, it's good for my ego.

Thursday --- Christmas eve --- we loaded up the car and set out again, this time early enough to go to the movies. Like most of western civilization (1217 - Donald Trump's campaign announcement) we had wanted to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and bunny_hugger's parents could even be talked into it. There's a classic old-style sidewalk movie theater in their tiny town, and they're showing that and nothing but that. Who could resist? The theater was heavily restored in the first half of this decade --- bunny_hugger spotted someone she taught with, when she adjuncted at the local college, on the donors plaque --- and it looks great. It has, curiously, got figures of mermaids where we would expect muses or the figures of tragedy-and-comedy; bunny_hugger speculated maybe they represented renditions of the sirens.

We'd hoped to sit in the balcony, but a sign up front warned that the balcony was closed except to theater members that day. We were tempted to cut across the rope anyway. But we followed the rules instead and just wondered if there's days the normal public can go there or if it's always for members-only. We're already figuring when we might go back, though. They had a classic organ sitting in the front of the curtain, bolts and everything. If we knew the theater had something like that we'd have brought cameras in.

During the closing credits the staff was cleaning the theater. One person found a little airplane-style brandy bottle, half drunk, that someone had left behind and sighed at the scene.

Trivia: Gemini 7's fourteen-day flight endurance record lasted from December 1965 until June 1970, when the Soyuz 9 mission stayed in space for eighteen days. Source: Gemini: Steps To The Moon, David J Shayler.

Currently Reading: Lost Islands: The Story Of Islands That Have Vanished From The Nautical Charts, Henry Stommel.