January 23rd, 2016

krazy koati

I want everyone

In the days after the Silver Balls tournament --- well, there was the New Year's Eve thing, report to follow anon. But there was a lot of praise for the smooth and efficient management bunny_hugger brought to things. There was a little bit of griping about how long it ran; in hindsight, we probably should have done a three-strikes tournament when we found out 26 people were attending. But we didn't expect so many to attend. There was a brief bit of confusion about the scoring for the side tournament, built on confusion about how the International Flipper Pinball Association explains its scoring, but that's been straightened out to everyone's satisfaction. We think. (The main dissatisfied person was one who spent weeks getting the scoring for his tournament straightened out --- again --- so he can just sit back down, thank you.)

The next week, bunny_hugger wrote out a check and we went to the Capital Area Humane Society to deliver the actual deposit. I'd never been to the spot before; it turns out it's not far from the farmer's market we use for vegetables. Also for some reason my satellite navigator doesn't know its address, and we had to enter a fake street number to get there.

They seemed to be doing a bustling business, people trying out dogs and cats and looking at fish, that sort of thing. The receptionist thanked us and went off to get someone to accept and process the donation, which took just about one minute longer than it needs to feel awkward being there. They recorded our information, somehow getting bunny_hugger's name wrong, and we got a receipt to post to the Facebook group and show that nothing funny went on with the money, just the name.

And since we had a little time, we did ask if the had any rabbits in the shelter. They had the one, a black dwarf named Sybil. She was being visited by someone else already when we entered, and was mostly trying to sit still and let people put her little plastic house back over her, thank you. Three-year-old neutered female, surrendered by the family shortly before Christmas.

We've though about her, of course. Bringing a female rabbit into a space already owned by a male is, generally, the most peaceful way to introduce one rabbit to another. (Two males will tend to fight; and if that's not enough, a male introduced to a female's territory provokes her defensiveness.) And another, young, rabbit would probably take the edge off the sad day when ours does die. But how would they interact? Would our rabbit --- who hasn't seen another of his kind for most of his life --- even know how to interact with another rabbit? What would a dwarf make of a Flemish giant, three times her size? Social animal dynamics can't be counted on to be what is convenient to us.

But we are still thinking about her.

Trivia: In 1875 the American beef distributor Timothy Eastman shipped the first chilled meat from New York to England. The ship's hold was packed about one-quarter with ice, and ventilation fans blew in cooled air. Source: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped The World, William J Bernstein.

Currently Reading: Emanuel Swedenborg, Scientist and Mystic, Signe Toksvig. Because I wanted to follow up on what I learned about Johnny Appleseed, of course.

PS: Reading the Comics, January 21, 2016: Andertoons Edition, after an otherwise sleepy bit of mathematical comic strip content.