February 11th, 2016

krazy koati

I ain't got time to take no fast train

The next day, Saturday, not twenty-two hours after I got stuff in the mail, I got a note from my father. He said they'd been to the apartment office to get a package from Amazon and what do you know but their Christmas presents were there! And I was awestruck that, for all the complaints people have had about the Post Office --- well, mid-Michigan to South Carolina in under a day is fantastic. He mentioned how delighted he was that it was exactly what he wished for, but he included a picture of a Chilton manual for Toyota Somethings. That wasn't what I had got him. But I didn't think of what that implied.

See, I took my father's mention of being just what he wished for as a reflection of the Fabiano's chocolates I sent them along with the books and postcards I sent. They love that Fabiano's chocolates. But what he meant was that the books bunny_hugger had ordered, from his (and my mother's) wish lists, had finally been given to them. Apparently the management office got them a week before Christmas and then forgot to tell my parents these were waiting around.

bunny_hugger was horrified, although this did answer the mystery of why my parents never acknowledged their presents from her. But she worried that my parents thought she hadn't mailed things until, well, as late as I had. My parents did not think that. They know who the ridiculous one in our household is.

However, as I'd warned my relatives that very belated Christmas gifts were on their way, my brother in Boston said he had got a report of something having arrived on Saturday too. (He was out of the house and e-mailing from his phone, like the kids today do.) But he got a picture of it somehow and we confirmed that was not what I had sent. It was just two independent delivery coincidences.

Anyway. Everybody now has got my very belated Christmas presents. My sisters-in-law think I was sweet bit ridiculous and so I'm glad to add something they can laugh about in family gatherings for years to come. My sister is happy with the presents too, and observes --- as I would --- that her son has absolutely no conception of time so why not send something when it's convenient? Also that I sent a toy which does stuff but which can be turned off.

Still, I've got to do better next year, by which I mean this year.

Trivia: Amerigo Vespucci's letter describing his 1503-1504 fourth voyage of exploration to the New World, setting foot on South America, is generally regarded as false, since records show during the time he was stationed in Spain. Source: On The Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way The World Looks, Simon Garfield.

Currently Reading: Spies And Shuttles: NASA's Secret Relationships with the DoD and CIA, James E David.

PS: Proportional Dice, sharing a neat little problem.