February 29th, 2016

krazy koati

I think of you when I dream of you

Eight years ago today bunny_hugger, still in pain from her husband's decision to divorce her, put out a Sadie Hawkins offer. She would take the first man to declare adoration of amusement parks, the Kinks, bunnies, video games, Stephen Colbert, her bunny hat, and her.

I acted, something unusually forthright for me. I owned up that I couldn't declare adoration for all the things on her list. I couldn't in good conscience fake that.

She accepted me, with all my shortcomings.

In hindsight it was so very likely we would come together. But the Sadie Hawkins moment was how we did. It was a phase change. It gave immediacy and solid presence to feeling we already had.

And so the 29th of February is so much our special true anniversary, the moment when we openly embraced our lives together.

This is the first of our anniversaries that we've pent married. I hope it has many companions, sitting scattered through the Februaries ahead and waiting to reveal themselves to us.

I love you, my dear, and thank you for loving me.

Trivia: In 238 BCE, Egypt's king Ptolemy III Euergetes decreed the calendar should add a sixth epagomenal day every four years, to keep the Egyptian calendar better in line with the seasons. This appears to be the earliest recorded proposal of a leap day. It was largely ignored. Source: Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent The Perfect Calendar, Duncan Steel.

Currently Reading: The Fundamental Physical Constants and the Frontier of Measurement, P W Petley.