March 11th, 2016

krazy koati

All of the angels are sheep in the fold of their master

As it's Thursday night or Friday morning it's time to go over my humor blog entries from the past week. These are they.

And now to putter around Cedar Point Halloweekends just a tiny bit more. We're almost done.


bunny_hugger sitting upon the ValRaven throne. We'd also sat on this at Roller Coaster Appreciation Night, but that night was dark and rainy and the chair was terribly wet. We trust this throne is going to be part of the new roller coaster's theming. It's still a nice prop to have in advertising the coaster. Also: cool logo.


Wooden gryphon, and the carver we expect carved it. This is in Frontier Town, at the wood-carver's shop.


This is not an antique carousel animal. We learned that from talking with the head carver the year before. It's a modern Philippine replica. The Snoopy doll is contemporary too.


Some of the wood carvings at the shop, done for I don't know what purpose. Also mysterious: the thing in back labelled ``Baldwin Wallace University''. Is somebody swiping stuff from small Cleveland-area schools?


Oh yeah, they have a petting zoo in Cedar Point. And they had animals and everything out that day. See how happy the bunnies were at being on display in the October chill.


Oh yeah, I had that guinea pig when I was in high school.

Trivia: By the 1960s General Electric had 190 separate departments, each with its own budget, and 43 strategic business units. Source: The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: The Big Oyster: History of the Half Shell, Mark Kurlansky.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 9, 2016: Mathematics Recreation Edition, because the comics let me talk about sudoku and Mixed Martial Arts triangles and stuff.