April 26th, 2016

krazy koati

Buzzing insects make me want to dance dance dance

We didn't really have a winter this year. There were some frigid weeks, sure, and a couple of heavy snows when it would mess up our pinball schedule. But it would have been a warm winter back in New Jersey. For Michigan it was positively balmy. Which makes it peculiar that we had a normal early-April emergence-from-winter. There'd be one nice sunny day; there'd be another cold and snowy. And then we hit a weekend that was honestly chilly, unpleasantly cool, with snow and that rain that's somehow colder than freezing rain would be. That was the weekend of Motor City Furry Con 2016, of course.

The convention is sometimes referred to as Motor City Fur Con, and sometimes as Furry Con, and I don't know which is right. Their web presence is inconsistent on the point. I'm sticking with Furry Con because it sounds better to me that way, but I could be wrong.

We got to the hotel and, for a change, checked in. In past years we'd stayed at the Holiday Inn Express that's opposite a dangerously busy road. The first year bunny_hugger stayed there no furries had discovered it and it was a steal. In later years more furries discovered it's close and cheap, and the hotel ratcheted its rates up. This year it was charging more than the con hotel, for some reason, and we went to the main hotel instead. We got a hotel room that seemed to be in a great spot, in a little alcove off the main pathway. It turns out to be physically close to the elevator shaft. That's no problem for me, since I can sleep through anything apparently, but it would make for a noisy night for bunny_hugger.

Registration for Motor City Furry Con 2015 was a disaster, partly because at the registration room some of the ceiling fell in and smashed one of the con's computers. We were expecting something at least that bad at the hotel and did our best to get there early without waking up too early for our bodies. This time around ... no problem at all. Maybe we got there at a good hour. Maybe they just had worked through their kind-of-first-year glitches. Motor City Furry Con is held in the same place and weekend and such as Furry Connection North, which has stopped. Many of the staff carried over and certainly the con's culture has. The heads of staff seem to have changed but those always do progress.

But they relocated registration, from the coat room with the room that had a broken ceiling last year, over to a good-sized room that's just too far from anything else to be useful. We were both preregistered and everything was printed up and ready to go. The pocket schedule was printed on a two-sided, slightly glossy sheet that seemed upscale considering. But it was big and easy to read, a blessing at this sort of convention. The con's first impressions were extremely good ones.

And then we had to run.

Trivia: In 1873 the number of typists in the United States increased from around 150 to over 110,000. Source: The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting, Darren Wershler-Henry. (And 1873 a Depression year!)

Currently Reading: Justice at Nuremberg, Robert E Conot.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Yukawa Potential, finding something that fits the alphabet and has some mathematical content, kind of.