April 30th, 2016

krazy koati

I used to be chicken-hearted

Saturday was Fursuit Parade day for Motor City Furry Con. We slept as late as would be consistent with getting bunny_hugger to the staging room, the main ballroom, in time. The hotel room coffeemaker overflowed again, despite the quite good idea of filling the reservoir only halfway and making coffee in two steps. Well, it should have worked.

I got to my usual spot for the parade, at a corner outside the con suite and with a full corridor full of floor-to-ceiling windows and the outdoor light behind me. As ever, my pictures of fursuiters walking toward the area were dark and blurry because for some reason they always are. Also it looked momentarily like someone who arrived two minutes before the parade would get exactly in my way, but he ducked to the side and sat on the floor instead.

The parade had a few more awkward gaps in it than usual. And bunny_hugger's normally good strategy of waiting as long as she possibly could to emerge from the staging area broke down. She ended up near one of those awkward little pauses, and about two people in front of a showboating character. That's not to fault the fursuiter for putting on a show. A lot of the fun of these parades is that some of the people in them have gimmicks or are busy doing some big, flamboyant production. But it does mean if you're two people in front of a guy in a big, semi-inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costume wagging around hilariously short hands, then you're invisible.

She'd also be just about invisible in the gathering outside for the group photograph. At least to me. The rule about ``go back if you're tall'' never ever registers with fursuiters. They need to establish some rule like ``if you are more than 5'8", move to the back'' so there's no judgement involved. bunny_hugger usually hangs out near the back of the crowd, to minimize the time she spends outside, because it also means she has a chance of not being hidden behind way taller people. She was, this time, foiled.

Also it was cold. As I said we barely had a winter this winter. We spent appreciable portions of February hanging out in the 50s. Why would it be in the mid-30s and either raining or trying to rain just when everyone was gathered outside? At least the people in fuller fursuits had something to keep them warm. The rest of us were stuck trying to get a few snaps in before frostbite came.

The parade lasted a bit over ten minutes, by my video. There was just the one quad suiter, doing a wolf from the popular Some Anime Or Other, I Know The Character Just Not What It's From. I heard the rumor that the hotel's automatic-sensor doors wouldn't work for him, since he was too low to register. I did not actually witness this, but I imagine the cartoonish ``bonk'' of fursuit head hitting glass door, harmlessly, with amusement.

We went to lunch at the con suite. This was sandwiches, cold cuts and cheese. So for us it was cheese sandwiches. Fair enough but we did get to wondering why we didn't pop out to Taco Bell or the Kerby's coney island across the street instead. It also crossed my mind we weren't far from the Basement Burger Barn, which we usually go to after pinball nights at Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum. They surely wouldn't be open for lunch, but they might be an option for dinner. Also if we had free time we might pop over to Marvin's and put in some more tries for the pinball selfie league running there for April. We never did, as it happens. But it would be a plausible alternative in case the con had a huge stretch of down time.

Trivia: Adolph Hitler's marriage to Eva Braun came less than 48 hours after he ordered the execution of Braun's sister's husband. Source: Germany 1945: From War To Peace, Richard Bessel.

Currently Reading: Justice at Nuremberg, Robert E Conot.

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