May 5th, 2016

krazy koati

Cause I had a hard way to go But I learned the score

(And happy Doctorversarry, bunny_hugger!)

I'd like to say right after the Animal Magic show we got to some fun stuff. We weren't able to, though. We needed some rest, bunny_hugger especially after the night before. Me after I started thinking about what I had seen. Also, worse, she had to grade. She'd had to give exams that week and she had a quota of exams to grade per day if they were to be returned when promised to her students. And then there was the struggle with the coffee maker and the inappropriately-sized coffee bags. Once more, it overflowed.

When we were feeling back up to going to the con, we left the hotel altogether, because it was dinnertime and we suspected we didn't want to brave the con suite line. We went to Taco Bell for the traditional have-me-actually-eat-at-Taco-Bell experience. (There's not any good reason for me not to go there more. It's easy, it's vegetarian, and I find the cheesey potato burrito strangely satisfying. Although since we can't think of where there even is one around our house except the one in Downtown East Lansing, across the street from the shuttered Taco Bell building, I guess that's sufficient reason.) They were even running a special, free small soft drinks with your con badge. bunny_hugger had forgotten hers but between having her ears and tail on and me having mine on they were willing to let it slide. On getting back to the hotel we got a tip from perfect strangers: there was an Indian restaurant in the gas station also in the cluster of things to buy stuff from, opposite the convention hotel. The Indian restaurant-owner was asking people to please spread the word.

We poked around the game room a little and found that someone else had brought both Betrayal at the House on the Hill and Mice and Mystics, so we didn't need to risk bringing ours along. But there wasn't much going on for us. We popped over to the video game room and found the people playing Rock Band, reassuring us that some things were normal and eternal after all.

And that took us to about time for the second Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote show. This would be the one where they drank. Motor City Furry Con, and its quasi-earlier incarnation of Furry Connection North, have reputations being drinking cons and here's the sort of thing that earns that reputation. They were taking requests, on a donation to the con charity. With the donation you could take a swig from some of the whisky or vodka or whatever else they had on-stage. They had a couple bottles. And it's fun watching a couple performers with a good rapport --- with each other, and with the audience --- clowning around so.

We were able to meet up with Twitchers Bunny several times, one of them just before this show, and we sat with him during it. I have to conclude he liked it as he bought a CD after the show was over. So there's that relief of getting someone to try out something they did after all enjoy.

Afterwards we went up to change into our kigurumis, and got to the Saturday Night Dance. There wasn't a Friday night dance and we were disappointed by that. There was to be a Dead Dog Dance on Sunday, but to lose a whole night of con dance? Con space required it; there were too many things needing the main ballroom, and after all, the dances are generally poorly-attended things anyway. It's not rare that bunny_hugger and I are among the few souls tromping onto the floor trying to make a go of it, and when an event depends on my dancing you know there's trouble.

Only this time, there wasn't trouble. The dance was packed, with fursuiters, people in partial costumes (like us), or just regularly-dressed folks. And dancing. There wasn't the need for props and games like the balloons someone had brought the year before. It was just a good, healthy, crowded dance that was going strong through to like 1:00 or whenever we figured we had to turn in for the night. It's sad to cut nights out of the con's dance schedule, but, if reducing the number of dance hours made for a successful night then maybe that's not bad.

Trivia: Space Shuttle and X-15 astronaut Joe Engle is the only person to have flown into space in two different winged vehicles. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: Ain't That A Knee-Slapper: Rural Comedy in the 20th Century, Tom Hollis.

PS: Reading the Comics, May 3, 2016: Lots Of Images Edition, since there were more comics than usual to include in my essay.