May 8th, 2016

krazy koati

When Liberty Valance walked around the men would step aside

We poked back around the Dealers' Den, after getting back from lunch. Once again there wasn't quite anything interesting enough to buy, although bunny_hugger did try on some hoodies and establish that the Lemonbrat hoodie sizes were right for her to order one. We were too late to get any sketchbook commissions, but then we didn't find anyone with an interesting enough style to request one either. Similarly up in the Artists Alley, on the second floor, things were nice to see, especially that someone had taken in the Animal Magic rabbit. But there wasn't anything we wanted to take home.

I should mention, we had to pass a badge check every time we went to the second floor. And that's of course because it's con space. But for most of the con I was walking around with my guinea pig puppet in hand and this drew so much attention. It's got to be because the Folkmanis puppet is about the right size and appearance to pass for a real guinea pig. But it inspired everyone to talk about guinea pigs they'd kept, or still keep. The hall guards were no less likely to chat about it. It was actually a little relief the time I left my puppet in the car, as it let me move around without interruption. I'm sorry folks who were looking for the guinea pig guy, during these stretches. But it shows how easy it is to be popular: have a friendly gimmick.

Sometime during this weekend I worked out, finally, what I think the guinea pig's name was, although I kept forgetting to go back and do some needed research. With that done, though, I think I've got it: Latham Shoales. That's got the right feel for me for a character name.

We checked in the video game room again; Rock Band was still on. Then we went to the game room, where a round of Betrayal at the House on the Hill was too far advanced for us to jump in on. Too bad; we don't get to play with big groups much. The two of us took out one of the game room's games, Nuns on the Run, which seemed like it might be whimsically amusing. The up-to-five novices are trying to sneak around after curfew to achieve some objective or other, while the head nuns patrol the grounds. We weren't perfectly sure we were playing rightly --- the rules about making noise seemed off to us --- but once we got into it the game seemed ... a little off, really. With just the one novice sneaking around there wasn't much drama to the game. It's probably a much better experience with a half-dozen people playing.

That took us through to Closing Ceremonies. That was your typical close of con event, with the various heads of Motor City Furry Con departments talking about how exhausted they were, and reporting the winners of the car show contests, and how many attendees there were (something like 1200) and how many were in the fursuit parade (over two hundred, I think) and how much was raised for the Animal Magic charity and all that. They announced that next year the convention would be at the same hotel and the same weekend and made some cryptic comment about how they knew there was a conflict here and they would be working with ... whoever's in charge of these things ... to avoid scheduling conflicts in the future. I don't know which convention it is there's a conflict with, or why they were being coy about it. Or who they figure is the Head of Furry Fandom who can sort out convention scheduling.

This officially ended the convention, so there were three important events scheduled after it.

Trivia: American and British troops entered Venice on the 8th of May, 1945. Source: 1945: The War That Never Ended, Gregor Dallas.

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