May 16th, 2016

krazy koati

And I mean every word I said

To promote my mathematics blog: that's what I do here most Sundays. In case you missed it, here's the past week's articles. I'm back to lower volume but I think no less interesting stuff:

What was happening at Motor City Fur[ry] Con on Saturday after the Animal Magic Show? Here's pictures:


Dragon, on drums. The Rock Band corner of the video game room at Motor City Furry Con 2016. And I always like costumes that let people do normal stuff in them. Possibly a lizard instead of a dragon.


Hanging around the hotel lobby at Motor City Furry Con and wondering, like, when did all the fursuiters decide they didn't mind going around headless? Didn't that used to be a big deal?


Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote's Saturday, drinking, show. The charity box and some of the bottles of whiskey and whatnot are in the lower left. Oddly, though I had better seats for this show, I got much more boring photographs. Sorry for that.


bunny_hugger hides her head after some particularly corny joke at the Fox Amoore/Peper Coyote drinking show. Note that one fursuiter's been knocked out entirely by whatever it was, which I admit, I don't remember.


And on to the Saturday night dance! I'm guessing that my hand twitched during the one-fifteenth of a second the shutter was open, so as a result we got the fandom's album cover.

Trivia: 18,000 United States income tax payers listed themselves as beauticians in 1927. Source: 1927: High Tide of the 1920s, Gerald Leinwand.

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