May 20th, 2016

krazy koati

My baby thought I was jivin'

My humor blog: a thing that posts daily. You may have seen it so. If not, here's what you didn't see:

And to close out pictures of Motor City Fur[ry] Con 2016's Saturday, here's the Saturday night dance:


More from the Motor City Furry Con 2016 Saturday dance. Also another good choice for the fandom's album cover. Maybe for the best-of compilation.


Naked guy wondering how he got in the middle of this fursuit pack.


We never have glowsticks or lights or whatever at these dances anymore. In the background, Johnny Mnemonic visits Deep Space Nine!


What people don't get about furry fandom is everybody's a fan of each other, which is why this kind of stuff keeps happening: me taking a picture of some guy taking a picture of some DJ.


Emergency beam-out from the dance? I have absolutely no idea how I made my camera do this and if anyone can suggest ways to make it happen on purpose please let me know because this is just astounding to me.

Trivia: In February 1453 the Venetian Senate chose to send fifteen galleys and two transports with 400 men each to the relief of Byzantium. The ships would not sail until the second week of May, by which point the Ottoman seige of the city was already a month old. Source: A History of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

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