July 19th, 2016

krazy koati

Well I woke this morning with a pain in my neck

bunny_hugger's mother was worried. She and her husband were watching our pet rabbit while we visited Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, and my sister. Our pet rabbit usually spends some time moping after he's been left there. He doesn't like being away from home or away from us; we were never quite sure what it was. But usually he cheers up after a day or two and gets back to normal.

He's not normal anymore. He's reached the point in life where we say he's doing well considering. It's mostly arthritis; his hind legs are barely useful. The bone cancer scare had passed and we could put off considering amputating them, an operation that might kill him a month ahead of disease. But he could barely move, and with his mood crashed like that, he wasn't moving at all.

And bunny_hugger's mother sent her reports about this. We didn't worry too much about it the first day, since the first day is always hard. The second day, though, he wasn't any more interested in food or looking out the sliding glass door or even moving out of his own filth. Monday morning he was barely even breathing and we had that report before we set out from the hotel.

So, our first hour of driving home was a lot of sad conversation about what we would do if we got there and found he was dead and her mother had been keeping that from us. Or what we would do if this was his last week. We talked over matters like whether we would cremate or bury him whole, and where we would bury the remains. We settled on the myrtle/periwinkle in the back, since he so loved getting into that, and by the rabbit statue he seemed a natural companion to.

We stopped near Louisville because the highway sign promised there was a Subway just off the Interstate. It was a couple miles off, past construction, hidden in a strip mall with the world's tiniest signage. But I suppose the frustration of searching for that was a useful break. We'd worked out preliminary answers to all the immediate pet-rabbit problems and could think about less miserable things.

Many hours later we arrived at bunny_hugger's parents' home, braced for the worst. Our pet rabbit heard us at the door and perked up first his ears, then his head, then with struggle his front half. It was as though he had suddenly decided to live again. bunny_hugger's mother was amazed and swore he hadn't moved a muscle while we were away. He was shaky but he had rejoined the world.

Trivia: The straight western edge of Indiana's border begins at the point on the Wabash River with the same longitude as the town of Vincennes. It is about forty miles north of the city, though. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: The Camera Does The Rest: How Polaroid Changed Photography, Peter Buse.

PS: Reading the Comics, July 13, 2016: Catching Up On Vacation Week Edition, and oh yeah I was on vacation last week, if you didn't know.