August 7th, 2016

krazy koati

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The tournament was intense. Some of that has to be because I was helping run it, sneaking away for moments to take the logged match results and add them to the scoreboard. (ProTip: make some mark on a match's result sheet so it's clear whether a score has been logged. bunny_hugger and I both hit on this quickly.) Some of it is that while everyone expected there'd be a wait in the queue between rounds, it turns out there's not so much as you think. If there's eight pinball games going on, then, two of them are going to finish up, getting you out of the queue, surprisingly quickly.

There were a few little glitches. At one point the queue somehow grew to three people, which one of the competitors viewed as some mortal sin. He got a little weirdly over-excited about directing people to knock off this three-person queue nonsense already. I think it might have been a problem of someone not realizing that while I was over at the scoreboard I was still in the queue. Not sure how to fix that problem but there's surely some method.

And then in almost no time at all tournament play was over. We had limited it to two hours. Three might have been a little better, although everybody got in about ten games. CST, who finished with the best win-loss record and who'd win the tournament, only played eight games. I don't think anyone played more than eleven games total. So my estimate that we'd need twelve spots on the scoreboard for a two-hour tournament was almost perfect. We've got information for the next tournament. Also it turns out I can screw up calculating the won-loss percentages of sixteen people when I really try. We need a spreadsheet.

I didn't come near playing in the finals. bunny_hugger didn't either. But we were steeled for that. We'd gotten to learn that running a tournament destroys your ability to play in it, and so we admire all the more how well CST does in the state finals considering he normally organizes them too. The most shocking result was ADM losing all but one game, his last. ADM is an extraordinarily good player, who plays with incredible control and precision. Between that and his troubles in the Lansing league we've realized the problem. He's very skilled but kind of fragile. Playing on the raggedy, partly maintained tables we have at our hipster bar ... well, he's in trouble. Considering that in previous matches I'd identified his primary weakness as ``he is mortal and so will someday die'' it's startling to realize there's venues where he's helpless.

Anyway, as ever, it was a great tournament and everyone agreed this one didn't last long enough. Maybe it could've been a three-hour qualifying period instead. The scheme is very flexible and will fit to whatever time and however many tables, and players, you have available. Works great.

Two days later the game was caught up in an actual flame war.

Trivia: A ``Grand Olympic Festival'' is recorded as having taken place in 1866 in Leicester, England, on the grounds of a lunatic asylum. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

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