August 28th, 2016

krazy koati

Looking in a window on a rainy day

bunny_hugger's parents had a long list of things they resolved to do if and when their aged and frail dogs died, which the dogs did last fall. Chief among them was to go up north, to the Traverse City area, to spend a week in the family's old summer hangouts. They were good to their word, and resolved in the spring to get somewhere we could all spend a week. Mostly they set bunny_hugger to the task; if there's such a thing as a natural-born travel agent, she is it.

For a while she seemed to have managed a serious coup. Not just any old house but one that the family had stayed in in the past was available for renting. And they were even listed as accepting pets. This fantastic stroke dissolved once bunny_hugger clarified that by ``pet'' in this case she meant ``pet rabbit''. We would have to bring our pet rabbit. Boarding a rabbit is often stressful, and given his fragility there's not really anyone we could leave him with except bunny_hugger's parents. We don't know just why, as she pointed out to the rental agent, an aged arthritic rabbit that would spend his day inside a pen would be more objectionable than a dog or cat but there you have it. The old family rental was out.

bunny_hugger eventually found a new place, one listed on AirBnB, and that did explicitly accept pets. This time she didn't say that the pet involved would be a rabbit and so there was no trouble with that. It promised to be a great spot, just up the road from the Omena Beach that so dominates her memories of childhood trips and that I remembered soundly from our visit in 2014.

We did worry a fair bit about how our pet rabbit would take this. Getting to Omena would be over three hours' travel, considerably more car time than he's ever taken at once. And we would have to bring everything to support him with us: the stand-up pen he lives in now, and some fleece bedding for that to rest on. And a litter box and a base of puppy pads in case he wouldn't be able to get into his litter box. Medicines too. It did not escape our notice that after years of watching bunny_hugger's parents being tightly constrained by the complicated needs of their frail pets, now we were.

And we had no idea whether our pet rabbit's collapse in May was merely bad luck, or the result of his depression at being away from home, or his depression at being away from us, or something else. We prepared as well as we could. We found an exotic-pets vet in Traverse City whom we could go to in case of emergency, which we didn't though we ought to have. We worked out contingency plans for getting back to our own vet, near Lansing, in case of emergency. And resolved that since we would be there he couldn't get too depressed. And we hoped.

Trivia: Apollo Surface Experiment sensors detected 43 moonquake zones, with activity correlated to lunar tides. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton. NASA SP-4214.

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