August 30th, 2016

krazy koati

Can't seem to get my mind off of you

We took the carrier out of the car, at last, and found a spot with a little scraggly grass and not too many cigarettes to let our pet rabbit out.

Michigan's Clair Welcome Center is located something like ninety minutes north of Lansing, itself something like ninety minutes north of the Ohio or Indiana borders. This may seem far from anything but it's right about the border between mid-Michigan and Up North, at least the North of the lower peninsula. The upper peninsula is a wholly different world I've yet to venture into. But Clair is where we transfer from major roads like US 127 to smaller county roads and even lesser things, and it's certainly psychologically where we go from being near home to being near Traverse Bay and that weeklong vacation.

We'd set out independently of bunny_hugger's parents. We had supposed there wouldn't be any fitting all of us, and our luggage, and our rabbit, and everything he needs, in a single car, even their Honda CRV. It's big enough to transport a pinball machine; it's not infinite. We did suppose our rabbit would need to be taken outside and let to move around in his way some. The trip to Omena, north of Traverse City, would be three or more hours. He's possibly never been in a pet carrier more than an hour. It's a good-sized carrier but he's an even better-sized bunny. He gets stiff in the hourlong ride to bunny_hugger's parents and given his condition we didn't want him getting too stiff to move.

We'd have stopped in Clare anyway so we didn't get too stiff to move. After we stretched we looked for some grassy area he could be set and watched. They had a dog run but while our rabbit isn't afraid of dogs, he should be. We took a spot near the picnic area, shaded, with a fair bit of grass and dandelions and other plants we hoped hadn't been recently sprayed with anything.

He was comfortable enough with this, chewing on grass and dandelions and we don't really know what and berries(?) that we supposed couldn't do him any long-term damage now and leaves and whatever else got near him. And he drew appreciative crowds, too. I think only one group of people actually came up and asked if they could take pictures. Of course they could. We suggested they focus on his front half as his legs didn't look that good. More people stood at a distance, watching this remarkably large bunny just lazing about like this was all perfectly normal.

And he looked happy. It was a good start to the vacation. We gathered him up and resumed the long drive to Omena.

Trivia: The 1869 Cincinnati baseball club --- the first openly all-professional team --- had a club song sung on the way to matches. It mentioned many of the players who had been replaced with professionals. Source: But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: Peanuts Every Sunday, 1952 - 1955, Charles M Schulz. The modern, full-color one, not the 50s one that skips a lot of strips.