September 8th, 2016

krazy koati

Underneath the cedars moss and woodsmoke mingle

While bunny_hugger's parents sat on a bench outside we ducked into a Leland bookstore to get coffee or iced coffee or something to drink. And we browsed, of course. It was a small bookstore but why turn down the chance to discover something neat? (We didn't discover anything worth keeping.) One of the women working the coffee bar was a Michigan State University student, and impressed that we were there from so far away. A veterinary student, too, which gave us plenty to make small talk about.

We walked around town some more. There were galleries and iron statues of horses and the like along the streets and plenty of really lovely river views.

For dinner we stopped at a restaurant bunny_hugger's family visited often back in the day, Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern. bunny_hugger remembered it from childhood for its massive clock, one with a face so large that you could see the minute hand in constant motion. They still had the clock (or a replacement), with a face maybe three feet in diameter and you could indeed see the minute hand move easily. While it looked like the sort of place that should have a pinball machine in back, it was not actually so. It did have a fixings tray, containing chopped onions and pickles and mustard and mayo and hot sauce and horseradish and nearly everything you might imagine, delivered to you if you ordered a burger, vegetarian burger included. It made a fine impression on me at least. The men's room included some newspaper clippings that seemed arbitrarily chosen; pages of some area newspaper from 1981 with no article that seemed to have any connection to the restaurant. Maybe an owner or something was mentioned by name and I didn't recognize it because it wasn't Fischer.

Back home for the evening we set our pet rabbit out in the yard. bunny_hugger helped him walk some by holding his hips and nearly-useless hindlegs in a towel and walking beside him. He figured this out pretty well and soon was moving fast, even going from walking to hopping gait. He was really interested in getting to the woods, for reasons known only to his inscrutable mind. Well, maybe he figured there was even moer to eat there.

We left our pet rabbit under bunny_hugger's mother's watchful eye. And bunny_hugger and I walked down from the house to the Omena Beach, more carefully this time. It's only a half-mile or so walk, and quite pleasant in the evening light, enjoying spectacular light and color and the strange temptation of a post labelled ``OWA TRAIL // NO HUNTING // MEMBERS ONLY''. Members of what? The post does not say.

After sunset we finally took our pet rabbit inside. And we made one last attempt on that Mice and Mystics chapter that had defeated us so often before. And this time, between our bettered strategies and remembering some rules we kept forgetting and some lucky dice rolls, we did it. (The mice characters needed to strike a deal with the castle's cat.) We beat it, and we set ourselves up for the next round of action. We haven't got to that yet, but it's refreshing to look forward to a new challenge.

Plus, Tuesday, someone would be joining us.

Trivia: In 1929 the BBC provided mechanical-system TV transmissions, using a 30-line screen and twelve-and-a-half pictures per second. In 1930 the system added sound, when the BBC Radio service was off the air and its frequencies were available. Source: Please Stand By: A Prehistory of Television, Michael Ritchie.

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