September 17th, 2016

krazy koati

Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads, a whale of a tale or two

If Wednesday was the least-scheduled day then Thursday was its most-scheduled. We intended to set out as early as possible, and then were delayed by the discovery of our pet rabbit's unwanted ankle resident. It was maybe an hour spent cleaning him up and getting him into tolerable shape and, as we'd learn Friday, we hadn't finished the job yet. But we thought he was in respectable shape and we set out, finally, after that.

Our first trip was to the town of Glen Arbor, a small town that comes just short of wrestling passer-by toursits to the ground and dragging them in to be amused by stuff. It's got a lot of art galleries, particularly. There's several blocks that are basically bungalows of artists showing off everything. We started off just looking for somewhere for lunch. Since we didn't have a particular spot to park in mind we made do with what we could find on the street, so bunny_hugger and I were left in front of a local coffee shop waiting for evidence that her parents, brother, and his girlfriend had actually parked anywhere, much less found somewhere to eat. And we located a restaurant that was pleasant enough --- they even had a raccoon as their mascot --- but that was really too big a place for the sort of lunch, and available time, that we had. It turned out there was a grease truck selling hot dogs just up the street from it and that would've probably been a better fit. At least it would have given us time to wander around town more.

And there was no end of town to wander around. The place, or at least its downtown strip, is almost nothing but tourist attractions. We broke up into three parties wandering poking around the galleries. bunny_hugger and I spent a fair time in one with glass sculptures and the artist explained what was meant by some technical term for glass sculpting which bunny_hugger had seen but not understood before. I gave in to a pretty silly little thing and bought a couple postcards with a giant cat photoshopped into standard city scenes. Well, I have relatives near Saint Louis who could probably use a picture of a cat standing up on the Arch, though what they'd use it for there's no saying.

And we poked into the home of Cherry Republic, a cute couple-building campground dubbed the ``Great Hall of the Republic''. It's all quite charming and a good place to sample cherry-flavored dips and candies and the like. I think it was here I picked up a jar of salsa or something to send on to my parents, when we need to send them something Michiganian. This I know how they'll use.

On the far end of town from most of this stuff, and past even the relatively remote location where we parked, there's a miniature golf course we would certainly have played if we'd had the time. At least some of the course decorations were lighthouses, appropriate for miniature golf anyway and especially for spots near Lake Michigan. One of the things we planned to do later in the day was to visit a lighthouse, in fact. So this was a tantalizing little reminder that something we wanted to do was going to keep us from something we wanted to do, which is the sort of rotten trick life is always playing on innocent people like us.

Trivia: In 1817 the New York Stock and Exchange Board rented the second floor of 40 Wall Street at $200 per year, heat included. Source: The Great Game, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles's War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News, A Brad Schwartz.

PS: Dark Secrets of Mathematicians: Something About Integration By Parts, because a friend asked me about it the other day.