September 21st, 2016

krazy koati

I wish I was in Tijuana

Friday at the rental house was, I believe, the day bunny_hugger's brother asked if our pet rabbit should be shivering like that. It was certainly the morning we discovered just how badly our pet rabbit had been stricken by an opportunistic fly, and how close he came to a miserable and painful death. We overcame that, by washing out the infected spot to the point that nothing was left in him except rabbit parts (warning; gross biology stuff) and he is still with us, albeit under vet's orders to not go outside again.

We also managed, despite our best improvisations, to clog up the bathtub drain. bunny_hugger's father had been anxious about that, with our washing the pet rabbit, but there wasn't any way around that. The house did have a bottle of drain opener and that worked fine. But it left the house without any and we figured we had to replace the used stock. The trouble was how to sneak to the store and get some without confirming his anxiety.

The best shot we saw was that he wanted to go to the casino. The Leelanau Sands Casino, on the Ottawa-and-Chippewa reservation, is pretty near the only structure of note in Peshawbestown. He'd looked at it and insisted he didn't really want to gamble, was just curious what was inside, several times driving past. Friday he finally had worked himself up to going and fueling up the car at the gas station opposite the highway. We went along. We told him that we had used up the drain opener, though not exactly that the drain had clogged. Just that we wanted to make sure that any of the fly's offspring that might have been washed down the drain were well and truly dead, motivation he did not challenge.

The casino's maybe the third I've been in. My grandmother tried sneaking me in to some Atlantic City ones when I was underage, apparently under the idea that as a person with mathematics skills I'd be able to profit from the experience. I visited one in the Cleveland/Niagara Falls trip in 2008. That's about it. It's got the sort of grand yet not quite bright entry that I think of as the way casinos just look, and it opened into several rooms' worth of slot machines or whatever it is slot machines have mutated into, plus some card tables and the like.

They work on cash cards now, which I suppose was inevitable. bunny_hugger's father had to wait some time to get a $10 (or whatever) converted to cash card; the lone person ahead of him was involved in some impossibly complicated cash-card purchase, the way the lone person ahead of you always is. bunny_hugger also got a $5 card and played a couple of machines.

There were no pinball machines, which would have been a long shot in any case. Well, some can be set up to dispense redemption tickets and would that be very different, besides getting the game back to its outright gambling machine roots? But the nameplates were familiar. While Bally got out of the pinball machine business in 1999 it stuck with gambling machines and we could recognize a lot of the styling and artwork and even a few of the licenses from back in the day. There were quite a few games with dragon or fairy-tale themes that appealed, or were at least nice to look at. I did my best to watch whatever the slot machines used to be and found that I had no idea how they were supposed to score.

After maybe fifteen minutes bunny_hugger's father had his fill. We got ourselves organized again and headed for the house. Apparently he really did just want to look around and see what it was like.

Trivia: Rhode Island's Catholic bishops were all Irish until 1972. Source: Rhode Island: A History, William G McLoughlin.

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