November 1st, 2016

krazy koati

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So bunny_hugger and I didn't make finals. Neither did MWS. CST did, so he'd have to get up early Saturday to compete in the B Finals. That's fine; he likes that. A couple other folks from Michigan Pinball would make finals in their divisions. A small set but some folks, at least. My friend JIM had been banished the D Division for the second day; he wouldn't make finals there either. D Division it turns out had a bit of a mercy rule; whether you qualified for finals in that depended only on your Friday performance. Thursday's was washed clean. When we got up we'd hear some things about who was still playing and who wasn't and we'd be startled by the people who took off the minute they weren't up for anything more. I mean, even if you weren't playing for finals there was still a side tournament and there was still the whole ReplayFX convention going on. But maybe they had tighter work schedules, or were that bothered by separations from family, or things like that. Maybe they had obligations they could only put off a little bit.

We would not be heading home. We were getting updates on our pet rabbit's health and making, as we had agreed, a day-to-day decision about whether to leave early. The information we got was mixed, as ever, because these things are never quite easy, are they? But the news was that our pet rabbit wasn't moving around much. He was eating, although without enthusiasm. But he was finishing most of his vegetables and a good part of his pellets.

I thought, with what I hoped wasn't self-delusion, that this was basically all right. Our pet rabbit would always spend a day or two moping about being left at bunny_hugger's parents' house before he got to feeling himself. And eating most of his food is OK. A rabbit not eating is a disaster. But we do feed him as though he were hale and healthy and we've never seriously looked at how much he ought to eat considering his lowered activity level.

As it's turned out since July, he's gotten some weight back and even a surprising amount of energy and strength back. This past week he's even managed to push himself up to standing on all fours, which we'd imagined we would never see again. He's even managed to stabilize himself after attempting to hop, which again, astounds us. And once I set him in the kitchen sink, for a quick bath, and he managed to keep himself stable on that surface for a good four or five minutes. He's almost acting as if he weren't so arthritic as to make his hindlegs a mockery.

Yes, we worry about that because we can't just take good news. Everyone has stories of the terminally ill managing one last rally before the end. But for right now he's in much better shape than we could have imagined he'd be back at the end of July, back at Pinburgh. His mood, his energy level, his engagement with the world looks really good. We'll be content with that for now.

Back then, though, we thought about the data we had and we hoped we were making a decision more based on what he actually seemed to need than on how much we wanted to stay wrapped up in this grand pinbal convention. And we chose to stay at the convention. This proved to be right, or at least proved to be all right. We stayed the whole convention and a day after and our pet rabbit seemed fine for all that.

Saturday was going to be the day that our nice little pinball convention had the presidential election dropped on its head, though.

Trivia: The Cleveland American League team, cheated of the 1908 pennant, first made it to the World Series in 1920. They won then, but it was the year of the Black Sox scandal. Source: Crazy '08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History, Cait Murphy.

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