November 2nd, 2016

krazy koati

To collect some more in

Saturday at Pinburgh it was raining. This would barely rate as an inconvenience since we could get from the Westin to the convention center using a pedestrian bridge directly linking the buildings. The bridge warned it was closed off. The problem was the Presidential election.

Clinton had scheduled a rally at the convention center for Saturday evening. This wouldn't displace ReplayFX or Pinburgh any, not directly. But it did impose a set of security restrictions on the place. That's all natural enough. The unfortunate thing is that it --- and we knew this beforehand --- it would block off access to the glass-walled pedestrian bridge that goes over the center of the convention floor. We had been able to walk along that several times Thursday and Friday and it made for great panoramic photograph chances. bunny_hugger had figured to get her proper camera with the changeable lenses --- Big Points --- out on Saturday to take photographs of the spectacle and that was now off. Or was off at least until after the campaign event was done, which might be all day.

And it blocked the bridge leading from the hotel to the convention center. While we weren't made of sugar and weren't seriously afraid of melting, it was raining steadily enough we didn't want to deal with walking through all that. And yeah, we had umbrellas. Back in my car, several blocks off in the bus station's long-term parking lot we hoped. So I plunged ahead through the street overpass, past the sign saying not to do this, on the theory that I'd see how far I could get and apologize if that was too far. This worked out all right. We couldn't get all the way to the convention floor, and instead had to go out what I think was the parking garage exit. But that meant we had like forty feet of walking through the rain, rather than maybe four times that and a traffic light to wait at.

And we remembered how our only other out-of-state trip this summer, to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, was messed up by Trump, and wondered what is it with presidential candidates, and Trump, following us around.

What would we do while back in the convention center? Well, play pinball of course. I wasn't sure whether we could play the Pinburgh contest games not currently being used for finals. That's all right. There were about as many pinball machines outside the competition area and we could play those. We were drawn naturally to the more exotic ones, like Bally's Speakeasy, a 1982 game with a theme of just what the name says. It advertises how it has Add-A-Ball, a name for extra balls that we'd thought had gone out of fashion a decade earlier. It's a strange game. We'd go looking for strange games. Who wouldn't?

ReplayFX had other stuff to do, too. For example, there was a guy doing a chiptunes concert on the stage. We'd figured to watch with MWS. The show, I believe, was supposed to include some chiptune covers of Nine Inch Nail songs and MWS is a fan of the band. But he would text to apologize and say he was missing it; he wasn't feeling well. Disappointing, especially since I couldn't appreciate quite how clever or imaginative the covers were. No helping it.

Trivia: The Chicago Cubs were the first team to win a World Series two years in a row. Source: Crazy '08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History, Cait Murphy. (This does mean the ``modern'' World Series, as in the National League-versus-American League series begun in 1903. The 1880s one doesn't count.)

Currently Reading: Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans: A Brief History, Charles H Kahn.