December 5th, 2016

krazy koati

She's so sweet, she really is my dove

Hey, that mathematics blog? That's a thing, right? Here, enjoy that thing.

Now let's step back to July and summer and driving up to the vacation home in Omena. Most of this is pictures of our pet rabbit.


At the Clare Welcome Center/rest area, several hours deep into Michigan but a pretty good marker between the inhabited lower peninsula and the vast wilds. And here are statues to the work crews that made Interstates possible.


Peering over the surveyor statue. There is, in front of the flagpole and to camera's right of bunny_hugger, a figure holding that ruler that surveyors use when surveying to ... survey ... things. The point of contention and something bunny_hugger's father wrote the Department of Transportation about: is the surveying ... stick ... thing actually in line with the surveyor's scope? Shouldn't it be?


Our pet rabbit given a chance to step out of his carrier at the Clare Welcome Center. You can see in his bin the cilantro he was too offended to finish eating. He'd draw a small but steady crowd of onlookers admiring how big he is. Also you can see how he struggles to get quite upright, given his hind legs' issues.


bunny_hugger and bunny being petted. He really liked the novel setting, I think, and the small berries that I suppose we have to conclude weren't dangerous for rabbits to snork down like they were life itself?


Finally, the house up north in Omena! bunny_hugger's parents had got there first and started setting things up. Here, we've finally arrived and unloaded the pet rabbit, whom you can see as the brownish blob taking up surprisingly much of the lawn, and probably some other stuff too.


The dining room, which dominated my memories of the house. It's a really long one, the kind that can fit maybe 60 people and a stockholder's meeting. We'd fill a lot of it with Mice and Mystics boards and still have plenty of room for meals and miscellaneous clutter. Underneath was a trap door to the cellar that I tried not to worry about my chair sitting atop.

Trivia: Britain's first iron-hulled gunboat was the Nemesis. Her keel was laid in summer 1839. The ship was launched in November. It ran trials in December, and was ready for service in the middle of January. Source: Compass: A Story of Exploration and Innovation, Alan Gurney.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of Wonder Woman, Jill Lepore.