December 11th, 2016

krazy koati

I'm thinking, deeply thinking, hey what's it gonna be

So, now it can be told. I'm an uncle. Again.

My youngest brother and his wife, the ones who already adopted a child from China, have adopted another another. bunny_hugger suspected they would want to, when we saw their house in Maryland and how very many rooms it had even if you allow they wanted one for parents to make extended visits. And she was unsurprised when my brother sent out the news that they were starting the adoption process. The process got interrupted a bit when my brother left one job and had a surprisingly annoying time getting a replacement. But then that all settled and, apparently, things continued from where they'd been left off.

This is another orphan from China, although I believe from a completely different section of China. The family went over to meet her and bring her to her new home a few weeks ago and had asked for a news silence until everything was settled and, I don't know, they had the chance to check their privacy settings on Facebook.

The child's a bit older than their first child was at adoption. The new one knows some Chinese, particularly. They've made much use of Google Translate and computer-aided translation so that anyone seems to know quite what's going on.

I haven't had the chance to meet her yet. Don't know when I will. We haven't got specific family-gettogether plans right now, but then summer would be a sensible time for something, I imagine.

Trivia: Louisville Slugger makes wooden bats of northern white ash. MaxBats --- used by Barry Bonds the season he hit 73 home runs --- uses maple. Source: A Splintered History of Wood: Belt-Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats, Spike Carlsen.

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PS: What Do I Need To Pass This Class? (December 2016 Edition), which will be of use to nobody here, I think, but what the heck.