December 13th, 2016

krazy koati

And we do those things that can make us feel hot

So one little side effect of our going to the Blind Squirrel League. We've gotten back into the Grand Rapids Selfie League. After the first month or two of that selfie league we drifted out of it. Selfie leagues are a properly controversial thing among pinball leagues and the International Flipper Pinball Association is trying to discourage them in next year's scoring scheme. But that couldn't change this year.

The thing is the guy who runs the selfie league is a friend. And it's hard not to think he's been disappointed by the Grand Rapids Selfie League turnout. The bar owner for reasons we don't understand hasn't let him post advertisements for it, making the Selfie League almost clandestine. Finals have drawn like ten people, so the league isn't even worth much. And --- well, we could plausibly say we just don't care for the Selfie League format if we didn't play in any of them. But the difference between Blind Squirrel and an actual Selfie League is impossible to defend. If the Blind Squirrel were in our neighborhood it'd be remotely possible to defend not going to Grand Rapids for the same thing. But Blind Squirrel is two hours away and we drive through Grand Rapids getting there and back.

And, well, I think we've reached a curious social point. We've got the reputation as the couple that goes to every pinball event. We don't, not really. There's a league in Detroit we've never been to, but somehow that doesn't register because I suppose everyone knows we couldn't square it with work schedules. There's another way the heck off on the east end of the state that we think we might get to at some point next year for a tournament. But that's so far away nobody even thinks of it as something we might get to. The point is, to keep not going to the Grand Rapids Selfie League would look as though we were shunning it, or worse, shunning ADM.

This has us a little caught, actually. Last weekend we went to an event we might have let pass because we'd missed two events the host had run earlier this year. We certainly weren't shunning him; the first one we missed was because we were getting ready for our own Rocket Robin tournament. (This may have slightly contributed to the Michigan Pinball Facebook Flamewar that we missed for our day at Indiana Beach Amusement Park.) The second we missed because he had the bad luck to schedule it the same day that the Fremont Harvest Festival was scheduled. And for that we were taken to ... the Blind Squirrel tavern. It's complicated being liked.

Trivia: In April 1862 Stephen R Mallory, Navy Secretary for the Confederate government, ordred the seizure of the rails and fastening of the Hungary Branch Railroad, the first railroad seized for iron needed on more strategically important lines. Source: The Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C Black III.

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PS: The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Riemann Sum, something fundamental and useful but not always used.