January 29th, 2017

krazy koati

Whatever happened to the faces or the glow

After Bronner's we went into the Frankenmuth proper, for dinner. There's a pair of massive German restaurants there, on opposite sides of the street. They used to be owned by separate families but, as will happen, one side sold out to the other and they keep the apparent separation going because all the patrons were happy that way. I hear there's secret pedestrian subways connecting the two, which seems plausible enough --- there's a lot of shops underneath anyway --- and not actually that thrilling a secret once you've heard about it. But still, secret pedestrian tunnels beneath city streets are always fun.

bunny_hugger and I had stopped in to town like this once before, getting lunch at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant on the way to, I think, the Saginaw Zoo. That we got in one of the upper-level floor. For dinner we'd eat downstairs in a spot that opened onto the parking lot and, had we been in the right room, a view of the river and the park lining it. Well, it was a tolerably busy day; we were just happy to sit down.

They had a lot of food, which compensated all right for there not being many vegetarian options, as see earlier comments about the German word for ``vegetarian''. It left me realizing how much I missed the taste of egg noodles soaked in butter and that's not even me being snarky; it's true. Fill that out with unlimited side dishes like cole slaw, potato salad, red cabbage and the like and you can have a really filling dinner even without the small sausage.

Our server, it happened, was a black woman. She was dressed like the rest of the staff in full, photogenic Classic Historic Bavarian Garb That Probably Actually Dates To Like 1895. This prompted us to tell some sotto voce gags about how much that cross of racial and ethnic types would offend Future Disgraced Former President Von Clownstick and his bunch. Those gags were funnier before he seized office.

After dinner we wandered around the shops downstairs and I know I already said the dining room we went to was downstairs. I have no explanation for this except I think the Bavarian Inn has a lot of basement. We weren't out for anything particular to buy. We had heard that one of our pinball friends placed a couple machines in the Bavarian Inn complex, but we weren't able to find them and nobody seemed to know where they were. We came really close to buying some specialty breads and cookie cutters and whatnot but resisted.

After all that we wandered up the (not long) street to another of Frankemuth's attractions: Cheese Haus. It's just what the name would suggest. Our pinball friend MWS had asked if we happened to be there to pick up some of a particular cheese spread which, if he had the chance, he'd eat nonstop day and night until he exploded. We were happy to pick that up; he hasn't shown signs of exploding yet. While the place did have a great selection of cheeses and spreads and enough samples that we might not have actually needed dinner we didn't get much. A couple spreads. I got some Boyer Peanut Butter Cups. Mallo Cups are great but you know, the company does make other stuff.

Just as we were heading out we noticed that we had parked beside ``Pasty Haus'', which offered, the sign said, bubble tea, ice cream, and pasties. Who'd have guessed? More stuff for whenever we get back to Frankenmuth. Always there's more stuff to do.

Trivia: Before the verb ``smoking'' became attached to what one did with tobacco ``drinking'' was used; one would ``drink smoke'' or ``drink tobacco''. Source: Tastes Of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

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