February 9th, 2017

krazy koati

Yuletide by the fireside and joyful memories there

And, what the heck, I'll acknowledge the existence of Thanksgiving. That was the sort of day we've made our tradition. bunny_hugger and I hosted at our house, and her parents came over. My parents ---

Well, my parents were at my sister's, and her husband's, in Saint Louis. Understandably. This was their first chance to visit their new grandson. My sister was happy to have them, and invited us to have Thanksgiving with them. And we thought about this a good bit. There'd be advantages to it. I'd see my parents, whom I hadn't since August of 2015. We'd finally get to visit my sister and her family in Saint Louis. We might even get to see the Six Flags park there, as they have a Christmas event and lights and rides and all that. But the disadvantages were mighty too. We'd break our traditional Thanksgiving with bunny_hugger's parents, and leave them with nothing to do except watch over our increasingly frail rabbit. And, for that matter, we'd have to leave our rabbit for multiple days, something that always strains him. He had been doing all right, considering, but that still wasn't great.

We thought out variants, such as my going alone and bunny_hugger having her parents for Thanksgiving. But we were guided, ultimately, by how it was too expensive to fly and too far to drive for a short visit, not without being too much inconvenience, and so we all went about having the usual sort of day. And started looking at when we could visit my parents in South Carolina. We'd missed visiting them last Christmas/New Year's, and couldn't in good conscience do that again.

The high point of Thanksgiving, besides that we had lots of food without making so much that we were going crazy making it, was watching the replay of the Silver Bells parade on TV. We had recorded the original live airing, but the squall that moved through knocked out the satellite TV too, so we got static and then a ``program ended early'' instead of the great rain. The rebroadcast a couple days later, which we're just going to save forever, showed the ever-increasing downpour. And then it got wonderful. The noise of the rain drowned out the commentators, the bands, everything. And then got more intense still, until finally the audio was completely lost. The video kept going, camera shaking in the winds, looking at pillars of water coming down and people desperately running across the street. And then finally some music cut in, slow stuff not quite fitting any Christmas tune. It was the music you'd get if Santa Claus put you on hold. And after a couple minutes of this came a text scroll. It was like the bit at the end of a movie about some great cataclysm, telling what happened to the survivors. It explained that unfortunately due to the worsening weather the rest of the parade was cancelled. But it was a great parade anyway and they were looking forward to next year's. And someone else ran across the street in the rain. If they ever release this on DVD I'm giving copies of it to everyone. EVERY. ONE.

It turned out this was the last holiday we'd have with our lost rabbit. He was looking rough but all right, like he might go on indefinitely. We did suppose he'd be alive through Christmas and New Year's, presenting the problem of how to keep him all right through a visit with my parents. Unspoken but, it turned out, agreed upon was that I'd visit my parents alone and bunny_hugger would stay at home to care for him. For the day, though, he was just there, happy to see bunny_hugger's parents, especially her mother, and to eat and be near the fire. Like normal.

Trivia: Spanish diplomat Enrique Dupuy de Lôme described in a Feburary 1898 letter to his friend Don José Canalejas President William McKinley as being ``weak and catering to the rabble and, beside, a low politician who desires to leave a door open to himself and to stand well with the jingoes of his party''. When this letter was published in the 9 February 1898 New York Journal it was headlined ``THE WORST INSULT TO THE UNITED STATES IN ITS HISTORY''. Source: 1898: The Birth Of The American Century, David Traxel.

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