February 20th, 2017

krazy koati

That was the end of my holiday, sweet and innocent holiday

Normal-paced sort of week on my mathematics blog, so here, enjoy the work done there:

Now for the way we ended the week in Omena. Your heart may break.


To take the edge off our leaving we stopped at the Omena Beach and then, on impulse, thought we'd see what our pet rabbit made of the sand. It turned out he rather liked the beach so I'm glad he was able to experience that.


Our lost rabbit enjoying his beach experience much more than we had expected since as you can see it's a very rocky surface.


Our lost rabbit, ears up, ready to supervise the beach and disapprove of anything going on.


The wonderful thing about letting an animal be is that, given time, they will do something you never imagined. Here, our lost rabbit got up and moved towards the water. Did he understand this was essentially the same thing he fought against in baths back home? What did he hope would happen?


Our pet rabbit getting a wave washing up on him. I had expected him to get furious at this, but no, he seemed happy to have the waters of Traverse Bay soaking into his dewlap.


And it was not a fluke! He got to experience several waves and seemed content there. Notice his paw, holding back the tides. I'm assuming that he enjoyed the water but --- what kind of rabbit enjoys getting wet? What a strange and compelling fellow he was.

Trivia: In February 1858 Japan and the United States agreed to the opening of eight port cities in Japan, and that the opium trade in Japan would be outlawed. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen, Kwame Anthony Appiah.